Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tartar Sauce!

I have never been a big fan of Sponge Bob. In fact I have never let my kids watch the show. Well, somehow while we've been here, they started to watch an episode every now and then. (It's harder to monitor the TV now that Emma can control the TV herself and she can read) And now, they are addicted. They absolutely LOVE Sponge Bob. I have to admit the little yellow sponge is funny.

The thing that makes me laugh everyday is this. There are times during the day when Gabe gets mad, disappointed or a little frustrated. For example, he finds out we are having vegetables for dinner, or he drops his books, or I announce that it's clean up time. At these times, instead of saying dang it, or darn, Gabe says, "tartar sauce!" It is so funny the way he says it, I always laugh. I hope I don't give him a complex because every time he's upset I laugh.



LOL! Almost makes me curious enough to watch it. Almost.


My little guy says, "barnicles" when he gets mad!!! So funny, the sad thing is that when the kids leave we will still sit and watch.


The first time I saw this show, we were all sleeping over at Krystal Geck's house, and we fell asleep with the TV on. I woke up to it playing, and I was honestly so disoriented. I didn't know if I was still dreaming or what was going on. I confess I've never been able to love it since then.

But the "tartar sauce" thing is hilarious.

Nate and Jacque Holt

that is too funny. i am the same. i used to hate spongebob but now we watch it all the time and jaxson cant talk but he always tries to sing the song at the beginning. its such a clever show. it was good to see you the other day!