Friday, July 23, 2010

After reading my last post, I realized there are a lot of references to alcohol, so I would just like assure everyone that I’ve never  had the tiniest bit of it nor am I planning on it any time soon.   Now that you can stop worrying about how to get me to an AA meeting, I’ll tell you about our favorite thing.

Swimming!  Ahhh, it the best way to beat the heat in this 107 degree weather.   The kids and I have  been going swimming most days this summer.  They love it,  I love it.  It’s a win-win. 

IMG_5805IMG_5858 IMG_5840   Dad and Abigail 7-19-2010 7-57-25 PM

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I’m a big kid now

A couple weeks ago I was telling my brother-in-law a story about my family reunion.  I told him about a ‘dare game’ that was played which resulted in some pretty freaky stuff.   I said, “some of the adults were a little mad.”   He laughed and asked me if I didn’t think I was an adult.   Just to prove it, he asked ……..the question. How old am I?  27  I laughed too and pretended that I wasn’t shocked to realize that I was an adult.  Not just a young barely able to drink adult.  A REAL, full blown, almost 30 adult.  When I was my cousins’ age, who I hung around with at reunion thinking I was the same as them,  I remember thinking of people my age who were married with three kids as old and responsible

So my bubble has been burst.  I’m like an alcoholic who finally realizes and admits they’re an alcoholic.   My name is Sara Ward, and I’m a real adult.   I should probably start acting like one.

An alcoholic’s family and friends probably think it’s stupid they are finally admitting it because they’ve seen it so clearly for years.  That is what this may seem to you.  But I am serious that I have been walking around for two weeks in awe that I’m not young as I’d perceived.  It’s been a real epiphany.  (Thanks Spencer)

I have kids now who will remember things.  So it’s probably a good time to put my childish ways behind me.  No more eating candy until it comes out my eyes, no more staying up late playing Mario Kart, and no more cereal for dinner.  I love cereal.  Here’s to my new, old self. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It’s 3:25 am.

It’s been three days. 

I counted. twice.

It’s felt like 3 weeks.

Three days of stomach and back pain, headaches, nausea, more nausea.  A kidney stone, that seemed to pass and leave me with a different kind of stomach pain, and nausea.   I probably have the stomach flu. 

When did I turn into such a baby? 

I seriously can not function.  The laundry is piling up, the dust bunnies are coming out.  My exercise goals are growing fainter and fainter.  The lawn needs to be mowed so bad.  My poor children have entertained themselves with video games and movies for much too long.   It’s only been 3 days. 

Am I whining?  I guess so. 

What a baby. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Johnsen Family Reunion!!

This reunion was not just your average run-of-the-mill get-together.   Growing up,  the highlight of my summer was going to Idaho and hiking with my aunts, running around the lodge with my cousins, and begging my uncles to let me play softball with them.  I spent my nights playing boogieman and trying not to pee my pants as I hid and then later got shuffled around like cattle from jail to jail.  I have good memories of my Grandparents who played card games with me, and taught me not to be a baby when I get stung ten times by wasps.  

I got to relive those memories this past weekend, and I experienced them again in a completely new and sometimes wonderful way. 

Things that have changed:

1. I’m a top dog.  No longer the baby who cries because no one will let her play. I don’t mean to sound conceded, but I’ve waited a long time to be a serious competitor in family games  and serious competitor I was.  (Winning’s my favorite :)

2.  I got to be a boogieman, and a good one who bosses the kids around and makes them be quiet, and pushes them back into the dark little corner where they have to hide.  he he.  Loved that.

3.    I have kids now.  Kids who instantly make friends with their new extended family.  Kids who constantly interrupt my activities, but some times I don’t see for a while.  And later I find out they’ve made a cool fort or tried climbing the lodge.    I have kids to show the importance of family, heritage, and legacy to. 

4.    My grandparents weren’t there.  This was the most obvious change.  It was strange without them.  It always felt like there was something missing.  Like we were all a bunch of kids with no parents.  It was nice to share stories, and have time to remember them.  They left us a lot, and it’s good to remember that. Here’s some of my favorite pics 

Aunt Sheila running the torch to begin the Olympics.Sheila torch 7-2-2010 6-47-06 PM

The adult relay race during the Olympics.  The games got quite competitive, and everyone was accused of cheating at least once, but it was a good time .

relay 2 7-3-2010 10-33-23 AM 4752x3168

Mark and I took our kids on a hike that was beautiful.  hike2 7-2-2010 12-31-24 PM

Emma enjoyed reading by the river in the morning.  Emma reading2 7-2-2010 9-09-12 AM

Our  family talent show showcased a lot of great talent

Dane dance 7-3-2010 6-36-45 PM 2781x3325Emmas song 7-3-2010 6-30-24 PM 2655x2812




Matts bees 7-3-2010 6-27-49 PM 3992x2585


After the talent show, we had a dance partyCheryl dancing 7-3-2010 7-13-10 PM 3168x2616Dance party 7-3-2010 7-34-35 PM

I loved seeing the family bond, and watching the new friendships that were created.

Emma and macy swings 7-2-2010 5-19-29 PMjjandchloe 7-3-2010 6-33-08 PM 2110x3168Emma and Macy 7-1-2010 1-45-07 PM





The  best part was visiting my grandparents grave and hearing stories and testimonies from family.

Family at cemetarty      Parker at tombstone

We all had a great time.  I’m thankful to be a part of such an awesome family!!