Monday, August 24, 2009

Where's my other Mama?

Emma is adjusting to first grade so well! She loves it. I thought she would be exhausted, but she comes home happy, hungry, and hyper. The only thing she talks about is lunch and recess. That's okay because she is so excited when she does. She got blisters from the monkey bars, but was so happy she did them all by herself.

There's one person who is still having a hard time.


If you want to make Abigail excited in the afternoon, just say Bus. She'll shout, "BUH!" and run to the front door. It is so cute. Mornings are sad goodbyes though. Emma is always the last one on the bus because Abigail gives her so many hugs.

Abigail misses her friend, but Emma is also like a second mother to her. I never really took notice until recently. Emma is so responsible and mature when it comes to Abigail. She kisses her owwies, helps her put shoes on barbies, stops her from getting into messy things, refills her bottle, wraps her blanket around her, and puts her shoes on before she goes outside. And Emma loves it. Emma's been trying to take care of Abigail since she was a baby, and finally Abigail will let her. It is quite the wonderful situation. I love my sweet little girls, and I'm especially grateful for what a great big sister Emma is. She is going to make a great Mom someday.

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Tree of Wonder

A little while ago, I was running in the desert. I was looking for a trail Mark and I could take our bikes back from riding the first half of the loop. Anyway, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. I didn't take water because I didn't think I'd be gone very long. Well, I was on a trail and I just had to see where it went, so I kept going and going. I was in the middle of the desert, and I came to a lone, big tree. It was perfectly round like one of those LEGO trees. It may have been because I was dehydrated, but I thought it was amazing. Next to it, was a really big rock that looked like an upside down triangle. It looked as though it would fall over if I tried to climb on top of it. It was a very cool site.

Two weekends ago, my mom hosted a granddaughter getaway. I took all the girls on a hike to my tree. It was a really fun hike, and the kids loved climbing all over the rocks of course. I was just glad that it really existed.

Here, see for yourself

The pictures look a little wierd because I had the camera on the wrong setting

We had a great view

I LOVE the tennis shoes

We found a really cool tortoise

Abigail, making friends

and building stuff

Here's everyone except me, the photographer

Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, I have been sick lately, and my brain has been so fuzzy - really up in the clouds. My mom says it's my blonde hair. (I've been getting that wrap my whole life - mostly from family) Anyway, it seems like one dumb thing after another. This one was a big one.

I was vacuuming the car out at the car wash. I took Abigail with me, and she was playing in the front seat pretending to drive. The car was on because it was at least 100 degrees. She was messing with too many buttons and windshield wipers so I turned the car off. A few hot minutes later, I strapped her in the car seat and went to get in myself. But I couldn't. locked. oh crap. Abigail had locked the doors when she was playing, and the keys were in the ignition, dangling ever so hopelessly out of reach. After frantically checking every door, I ran to the office. The car wash guys already thought I was stupid because when I was going through the wash, I couldn't figure out why I was going so fast. It turns out all the yelling I couldn't understand was "PUT IT IN NEUTRAL!"

Seriously, I have been really sick.

Anyway, I called my Dad, but he couldn't find my keys, so I called the police. I stayed on the line, and gave the operator updates on what Abigail was doing. She wasn't crying, but was really sweaty. They called an ambulance, but the police man got there really fast, and got her out very quickly. So we called off the ambulance. He did a great job. I'm going to have to write a thank you note. It felt so good to hold my sweaty little baby.

I went inside to give the guys their phone back and get Abigail a drink. I had turned the car on when I got her out to cool it down. I strapped her back in and shut the door. CRAP!

The keys were STILL in the car!!! I freaked out for a good 10 seconds. At least the air conditioning was on this time. I walked around and pulled open my door. Oh yeah, I unlocked the car when I got her out. Phew.

Four and a half hours

I did it. I sent Emma to first grade. ALLLLL DAY! 7 1/2 hours! She is awake for 12 hours. That means I get 4 1/2 hours with her a day, and the days she has ballet and soccer, I have even less. And most of that time is spent getting ready for school, dinner, and getting ready for bed. Wow. I miss her already. *sniff*

I was thinking how precious those few hours with her are, and how I want to make the most of it. But then, all our time with our kids is precious. I want to enjoy this time, and I do. I would not choose another way to be spending my time than at home with the kids. (If I was good enough to snowboard, or play basketball professionally, I can see me struggling with that one.) But realistically, I am SO grateful that I am able be home. That's not to say I don't have so many regrets and worries. Am I too mean, too nice, am I teaching them the gospel, do they watch too much tv etc. etc. etc. etc.

Emma's school starts at 8:55. She was still asleep at 8:00. I went in to wake her, and I couldn't. I think it's mean to wake up a 5 year old. She did finally get up and we were still on time. Her teacher had a baby one month ago, which I was bummed about, but her substitute is awesome, and lives in our ward, just around the corner.

When I picked her up and bombarded her with question, she was most excited that they had 3 recesses! And she liked eating lunch at school. Today when I packed her lunch she said, "Mom, why do you put so much stuff in my lunch. When I'm at home I only eat one thing, so I only want one thing at school." I said, okay, what do you want. She said, "toast".

She did really great, and I think she'll have a good year. I'm not sure how much she'll actually learn, but that's a subject for another day. I gotta to go get Emma now. Yay!

Monday, August 3, 2009

When are babies not babies anymore?

Yesterday Abigail fell asleep on my chest which is one of my most favorite things. She hasn't done that since she was a little baby. I took naps like that with all my kids when they are little. It's just so cute and cozy. I am little shocked that she is almost two. She is just a baby. A big 2-year old baby. I've got to remember to cherish this time because they grow up so fast.