Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break

I had a fabulous spring break.    It started off with the 4th annual Ward Women Wild Weekend.    It is turning into my most-looked-forward-to weekend of the year.  I love it.  I get to spend time with just my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law.  No kids. No Husbands.  We all sit around, read books, and chat.  It’s heaven.  My in-laws are awesome.  They inspires me to be better.   I love them! 

The next week,  Mark took a day off work and we slept in, and played.  The kids and I followed pattern for the rest of the week.  It was a great break!! 

Some fun caught on my phone.

Hiking in Snow CanyonSnow Canyon - Abigail

Snow Canyon 2 Emma

Snow Canyon - emma 3-16-2011 6-46-34 PM

Snow Canyon 3 3-16-2011 6-56-04 PM


Jumping Jacks (My Kids LOVE this place)

Jumping jacks3 3-21-2011 8-04-40 PM jumping jacks 2 Jumping jacks 3-21-2011 8-06-49 PM


Swimming!!Pool 2 3-18-2011 10-22-45 PM   Pool 3-18-2011 10-19-07 PM   

Fun, fun, fun.  It was a “staycation”.    Now it’s back to school.  We actually have gotten so off schedule, everyone woke up at 8:50 this morning. (school starts at 9)  whoopsy :) 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Alphabet

IMG_8247I must post a new post because the title of the last one bugs me every time I see.  I really did mean it at the time.   

After soccer and gymnastics, cleaning rooms, and pulling weeds, the kids and I spent some quiet time inside today.  While I worked on primary stuff, they were busy in the corner.  This is what they made.



crazy kids.