Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our First Camping Trip Ever!

Yeah! We did it. We camped for the first time with our little family. (unless you count the family reunion we had 5 years ago, which I don't)

We have been wanting to go camping and fishing for so long, but since neither Mark or I are very big campers, it was a little intimidating. But on July 3rd, Mark had the day off, and we decided to go for it. After 5 hours of preparing, we made it to our camp site in Pine Valley.

We loved it! The kids loved it! We set up our camp and tried to go fishing. The fishing was a little scary. Especially me trying to cast a line, which for some reason, I am completely unable to do. We didn't catch a fish, but all the kids were brave enough to get a worm on their hook. I think that is pretty impressive.

We had dinner, made smores, sang campfire songs, and stayed up really late (like 10:00)

After a good night sleep with all five of us in the tent(amazing!), Mark made bacon and eggs. We also supplemented our breakfast with powdered donuts.

We then packed up our camp and went for a beautiful hike.

The weather was fantastic, and I just love being in the mountains. It reminds me of my childhood vacations we would take to Idaho. One of my favorite things was all the work the kids got to do. It seemed like there was always a job for someone, and they loved to help out.

It turns out camping is pretty easy. We can't wait to do it again.



What a fun experience for you and your family!


How fun!!! I haven't braved camping with Karlee yet. She just seems so little, and I worry about her freezing at night. This has given my confidence to try it.