Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big Day

My training since my last post has been pretty non-existent. I tried really hard to get over my sickness. I rested a lot, which I actually don't like very much. I even took naps. Nothing was helping. I decided to just go and do the best I could and have fun.

The morning of the triathlon, I had a bad headache, but my throat was a lot improved. I felt great otherwise. I felt excited, and energized. The weather was fantastic, just a fabulous day to race.

The swim was great. I was worried about lining up in the wrong spot and either being stuck behind slow swimmers or having everyone pass me. I had to pass one person, which is good.

The bike was going pretty good. I was tired, but a good tired. I had to tell myself, "smooth, even strokes. Faster. " It was an improvement from last time for sure. Then TRAGEDY. There was not a lot of people around, and I wasn't paying attention where I was going. I was just following the biker in front of me. Well, I caught up to that biker, and they were not in the race, just someone riding their bike. I looked around at realized I was not on the course. I yelled, "NOOO!!!" The guy jumped. I kept yelling, "No, no, no!." After about6 or seven blocks, I was able to get back to the course, but I wanted to cry. I needed all the extra help I could get on the bike, and then to get lost. It was so sad. I kept going though, and I am proud to say no one passed me after that.

The run was also an improvement. I felt like I was able to run pretty fast. I had to tie my shoes twice, which brought back memories from basketball. I think it was Shelbee's mom who said she was going to bring duct tape for my shoes to the games. :)

It was a very enjoyable experience. I loved it! I feel like I pushed myself good, and had fun. (except for getting lost)

They originally posted my time as 1:13. I was pretty pleased with that, but online it is listed as 1:19. I'm not sure why the big difference. I found out last year the times were off a little, and I am not really trusting them this time. I think next time I'll bring a stop watch, just to be sure. Anyway, it's an okay time. There were 700 racers, and I got 69th place overall, and 10th in my division. I wish I didn't get lost, I'd have loved to see my time. Getting lost really crushed my spirits. But there will be more triathlons I am really motivated to keep training. There is so much to learn and improve on. So thanks for bearing with the training posts. It has been kind-of fun to write about it. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009


Sickness. I really don't like you.

I can't believe the last two weeks before the triathlon, I get sick. It really stinks. I have two thoughts.

1: It is hard for me to figure out what I am supposed to be doing for training. By that I mean, what kind of intensity, and duration, and in what order. It's not good to over train or under train. It's frustrating knowing that I could be hurting myself when I think I am improving myself. Throwing sickness into the mix just makes it harder. I don't know what to do right now because I am sick and I have a race in 6 days. And I didn't really do anything last week. Do I rest completely? Do I exercise a little? Do I make up for last week and go hard?

2: Triathlons are supposed to be fun and challenging, but not stressful. I don't want to allow something in my life that is going to cause me stress and worry. I already struggle a little with balancing exercise and family life. I've mentioned before, some days I wish I could exercise all day. But I have to be careful that training doesn't precede family and home life. If it's causing stress, then there is definitely a problem. Who needs added stress in their life?

With this is mind, I am just going to do what I want to do this week, and try to take it easy. And enjoy the race this Saturday. (By doing this I have to lower my expectations a little) There will be more races in which I won't be sick the two weeks preceding it. :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I'm sick.

I know. Really. I hate being sick and I can usually mentally push it out of my mind. I just keep moving because once I stop then I feel it. Mind over matter. So Keeping Mark's warning to stay home and rest in the back of my mind, I went to spin class. A very odd sensation to be sweating and very much out of breath, and shivering at the same time. I only stayed for half an hour before Mark's warning (my conscience) couldn't be ignored. I was frustrated and sick. After a very frustrating next hour of bad news, long lines, other's mistakes, forgetting Abigail's swim suit, forgetting our snacks I packed last night, trying not to cry etc, etc, etc, we finally made it to the pool. I LOVE the pool! Being outside is so nice, and I love just playing with the kids. I am very blessed. I can't be sick tomorrow though.

9 more days!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Triathlete in Training

So all those who have been agonizing over what I have been doing to train, I apologize. Your wait is over.

I think I left off on Thursday. Friday, I did go to a new swimming pool. It was a tad longer, but just barely. I'm still not worried about the swim. I have been practicing flip turns, and I think I have them down, but I'm still a little nervous doing them in the race. We'll see. I need Mark to practice with me again.

Saturday, I went to a long spin class with Steve. He is this crazy awesome cyclist who gets really into it and motivates you as we walks up and down the rows and yells. He reminds me a little of Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller)from Heavyweigts. I like him though and it was a great class. St. George Tri Club was holding a session at the lake, and I wanted to go SOOO bad. I racked my brain trying to think of a way. Most of the family was gone at Brian's graduation (congrats Brian). I couldn't leave Mark with the kids because he has been working like crazy with school and his book and still had so much to do. I tried to find a babysitter, but sadly had to give up. Saturday was one of those days that I wished I could be an athlete for a living. I wish I could train for 8 hours a day. Sometimes I just LOVE IT!!! I was responsible though and took care of my family first. Kudos to me. :)

After recovering from a weekend of graduation and birthday parties, and lots and lots of candy, Monday came. I did a brick BIKE/RUN workout. It was a great one. I biked 18 miles, and ran 4. I tried really hard to run faster and I did. I got my pace up to 7.5 mph. yay. Brian really helped motivate me by teaching me how he runs so fast. He told me after he runs he throws up. I didn't run fast enough to throw up, but I'm still working on it. I would actually really love to be able to push myself that hard.

Today, I went swimming. It was a dinky little workout. I practiced my flip turns and did a practice race. I played sand volleyball tonight which can I just say. White girls can't jump. At least not me. It was a little sad, but a lot of fun. I love being outside. St. George is so fun. Mark and I are looking for a house down here. Maybe a lease option. I have been quizzing everyone I talk to about where they live and if they love it, and if there are lots of kids there etc. I am determined to live in a great neighborhood. It's going to be hard to beat our last one.

Well, there you go. That should satisfy your thirst for Sara training for a little while. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009


Abigail is a unique little girl. I love her! She has adjusted to a life with two older siblings very well by yelling MA! over and over again very loudly until I pay attention to her. If she's in arm's reach, she will pound on me quite hard also. Some days I think this little trait is going to drive me literally insane, but then I actually get to spend some precious time with her and I just can't get enough. She is happy, and bubbly, energetic, and funny. She loves to scare us. By this I mean stand on the back of the couch and teeter above the fireplace until Mark and I gasp and dive for her. She laughs and laughs and will do it again and again. It is really hard to punish her. We tell her no very loud and stern and she smiles. I've slapped her hand a few times, and got nothing, just laughter. Today at the pool, she was fearless. She loved scaring me, of course, by the second I got distracted by Emma or Gabe she would jump in or go under. After I almost had a heart attack she'd laugh. Then I'd laugh. She just cracks me up. She is so easy to please. She loves to point. She points at everything and gasps, and if I don't respond right away, she hits me and yells MA! until I do. But I love how curious she is, and how the simpliest things are so amazing. I get excited when she wakes up from her naps sometimes because she is such a joy. I can't imagine life without her. I love you Abigail!