Monday, September 27, 2010

I am now the mother of a 7 year old. What!?


I am going to continue to do this every year.  Freak out how old Emma is.  Next year she’ll be baptized.  Wow.  I’m thinking of the journal we planned on giving her when she gets baptized filled with our thoughts and memories of her and hopes for the future etc.  I think there’s 10 pages filled out.  We better get to work on that. 

This year Emma planned her whole party, which made it easy on me.  

clairs 8-28-2010 10-15-38 AM

Mark and I surprised her by getting her ears pierced.  She has been really wanting to get them pierced, but was terribly frightened when she realized what was about to happen.  She started to cry and asked to say a prayer.  scared emma 8-28-2010 10-22-26 AMShe is such a sweet heart.   We kept telling her she didn’t have to do it, but she mustered her bravery and did it.all done 8-28-2010 10-31-57 AM

Next, we let her choose the place to eat lunch.  She very excitedly chose Subway.  

lunch at subway 8-28-2010 11-09-03 AM

After lunch it was time for her party to begin.   There are so many girls in the neighborhood her age, and we didn’t want to leave anyone out, so there was a big group. 

They played games…

pin the tail 8-28-2010 12-22-46 PMtreasure hunt 8-28-2010 12-31-34 PM

had cake….   the cake 8-28-2010 12-53-33 PM   blowing the candles 8-28-2010 12-55-35 PMand then everyone got pedicures!  pedicures 8-28-2010 1-30-02 PMemma's pedicure 8-28-2010 1-32-04 PM

It was a fun birthday, and just what Emma wanted.  She deserves it.  She is an amazing girl, and we all Love her SOO much!

Monday, September 13, 2010



That’s what I call the past 10 days.  A relax-ation.   We left not knowing exactly when we’d return, and no real plans except for spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Ward, time in Lake Arrowhead, and a birthday dinner for Mark.    We woke up each day wondering what we would feel like doing that day.  Usually I’m not a big fan of vacations like these, but I embraced it and enjoyed it.  My sister Lisa and her family joined us for the first few days while we went to the beach and lake Arrowhead. 

Lisa and Ellie’s rockin’ sand castle, Mark still thinks it’s his.Lisa's sandcastle 9-4-2010 1-25-08 PM

I was amazed at Dane (7) and Beckam (3) for their bravery in the cold ocean water.  They didn’t hesitate trying to boogie board and were doing it before we got our stuff set down.  Beckam 9-4-2010 1-31-47 PM

This is one of my favorite pictures we took in CA.Dane on Beach 9-4-2010 2-09-28 PMDane Beach 9-4-2010 2-09-51 PMDane Beach 2 9-4-2010 2-10-14 PM

This is what my kids did most of the time at the beach.  Look for seashells. They were a little boring. kids picking shells 9-4-2010 1-39-05 PM

We had some fun in the sand Brenton Mermaid 9-4-2010 2-29-56 PM    Beckam octopus 9-4-2010 2-37-10 PMFat Ellie 9-4-2010 3-06-48 PM

We saw dolphins!

dolphins2 9-4-2010 1-56-56 PMDolphins 9-4-2010 1-56-18 PM


Lisa and Ellie gettin’ crazyLisa and Ellie jumping 9-4-2010 3-09-17 PM

Brenton 9-4-2010 1-34-47 PM

Sunday we went to Santa Monica Pier to watch the crazy people.

Emma and Dane Cannon 9-5-2010 11-58-37 AM

kids on canon 9-5-2010 11-59-26 AMStar Wars 2 9-5-2010 12-11-57 PMStar Wars 9-5-2010 12-11-35 PMSanta Monica Pier 9-5-2010 12-40-50 PM

Later on Sunday we headed up to the Lake. Lisa and Todd stayed until Tuesday morning.  Mark and I were left all alone with no one to crew for us.  I’m still crying a little for lack of wakeboarding.

I was able to talk Emma into trying knee boarding. She did great, but she did not like it at all. Emma kneeboarding 9-6-2010 3-09-36 PM

Dane and Ellie

dane kneeboarding 9-6-2010 2-56-08 PMEllie kneeboarding am2 9-7-2010 7-38-53 AM

                 Emma and gabe on boat 9-6-2010 2-58-21 PM

We were able to get in a great morning of wakeboarding before Todd and Lisa left.  It was glorious! lake in the morning 9-7-2010 7-00-08 AMEllie kneeboarding am 9-7-2010 7-37-18 AM

There’s no pictures of Mark or I wakeboarding because one of us was always driving the boat.  I drove the boat! I hated it. At one point there were two other boats with people in the water on either side of me and I didn’t know what to do so I just stopped.  Mark was wakeboarding and was really patient.  Anyone else would have been so irritated. 


  After Lisa and Todd left, we . . .

hung out on the boat . . .Abigail on boat2 9-7-2010 2-29-50 PM kids on boat 9-8-2010 3-27-35 PMAbigail on boat 9-7-2010 1-52-22 PM

played on the island . . .playing on island 9-7-2010 3-04-44 PMabigail island 9-7-2010 3-05-32 PM

   kids island 9-7-2010 3-09-26 PM     

Swam in the lake . . .swimming in the lake 9-7-2010 2-05-47 PM

and went bridge jumping.  Amy’s family said they did it, and we thought if they can do it, then we certainly can :)

bridge jumping 1 9-7-2010 1-52-05 PMbridge jumping 3 9-7-2010 1-52-11 PM

      I LOVE lake Arrowhead.  It is one of my favorite places in the world.  It’s beautiful, relaxing, and so fun.   I could stay forever if we have at least 3 adults.   (so we can wakeboard of course)  Mark and I considered asking a strange man who kept lurking around the dock to crew for us, but decided against it.   After two days of the lake with no wakeboarding, we headed back to Long Beach. me and kids on boat 9-8-2010 3-28-25 PM

-We did lots of fun things in Long Beach with Grandma and Grandpa Ward, which we have no photos of.  Activities included going to the nature center where we took a walk through thick trees, with THOUSANDS of huge spider webs.  creepy and cool.   There were also turtles, and a variety of caged poisonous bugs.

-We went to the animal shelter, which we all loved.  Grandpa Ward had to drag us out of there. 

-We played lots of speed scrabble.

-I taught Emma how to play Settler’s of Catan.  and she won.

-We swam everyday in the pool.

-We took the kids on the city bus.  This is something they’ve wanted to to for so long. 

waiting for the buswaiting for bus 9-10-2010 12-28-14 PM

riding the city bus.  I’m not sure if it was all they expected, but seemed to enjoy it. riding the bus 9-10-2010 12-37-59 PM

-One afternoon we ate at the Soup Plantation and saw “Despicable Me”

-Mark and I gave the kids $5 each to spend at the Orange County swap meet, and they LOVED that.  I picked up the swap meet essentials.  Fake Gucci purse, fake Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, and fake Dior watch.  check, check, and check.

-We got to hang out with some friends we’ve been missing.

We had so much fun having Grandma and Grandpa all to ourselves.  After 10 days the kids still didn’t want to leave. 

Thanks John and Sondra for a great time!