Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Back! . . . or am I?

You know the term, "I need a vacation from my vacation"? I have felt this way many times before when returning home from a "vacation" with the kids. Sometimes vacation with kids can be wearing. The long car trips, trying to figure out schedules and entertainment while fitting in naps, and somewhat healthy food. Dealing with the effects of sleep loss and an unfamiliar environment has on the kids. Trying not to be disappointed because of the things you're missing because the kids are with you. Then coming home and being worn out from the car trip with a mountain of laundry, no food in the house, kids are more grumpy and off schedule, the car is a mess etc.

Well, the complaining stops right here because it was not the case this time. we had such a great time, instead of needing a vacation from my vacation, I just want more of my vacation. And I am taking it. Sort-of. Usually I can not wait to get back to the schedules and routines. The early bedtime, clean clothes and productiveness. My planner is usually filled before we get home. Not this time. I am still on vacation. I've stayed up late and slept until nine. I haven't exercised and am still eating plenty of junk food. I've read my book in my "spare time" and I took a nap today. Okay, I did do the laundry, and went to the store but I would do that if I was still on vacation. I cleaned the car, but lost the floor mats because I took them out and left them (vacation brain). I wonder if I'll ever come back? Will I exercise again? I'll write a synopsis on my awesome vacation when it's over. If it ever ends.



Man! I wish I'd thought of that. Maybe I can restart my vacation now.