Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Day

IMG_8093 Snow days are rare in St. George.  We get one or two a year.  So it is a very special treat when they come. 

I love waking up, looking out the window to see everything covered in white.  As soon as the kids got up I hurried them through breakfast and told them we must hurry so we can get out and play before the snow melts. 

Snow Days are fun because everyone goes outside.  Everyone.  It’s fun to see the whole neighborhood outside.  I’m not exactly sure why.

snow day - abigail2 1-3-2011 9-12-02 AM

Gabe immediately started building a snowman.  Emma and I finished it.  That’s why it looks like a girl. big snowball 1-3-2011 9-45-17 AMmr snowman 1-3-2011 9-36-24 AM snowman house


We made snow angels.

snow angels 1-3-2011 10-17-45 AM

And had snowball fights.  Snowballs to the face are not too much fun. sad gabe 1-3-2011 10-12-06 AM

And Abigail ate snow for 3 hours.snow eating 3 1-3-2011 10-09-56 AMsnow eating1 1-3-2011 10-12-03 AMeating snow5 1-3-2011 10-20-50 AMsnow eating 4 1-3-2011 10-09-54 AM

The best thing about St George snow days?  They only come once or twice a year :)        tramp 1-3-2011 10-13-57 AM   girls 1-3-2011 9-36-39 AM snow day - abigail 1-3-2011 9-11-47 AM

Monday, January 3, 2011


I think I should rename my blog something like “catch-up” or “update” because lately that is all I seem to be doing it.  One of my new year’s resolutions is to take more pictures and write more about our family adventures.  But before I can do that, I must do a little catch up. 


Christmas was wonderful.   We went to the temple on Christmas Eve to listen to the Christmas Story and look at the nativity.  We also drove around looking at lights and singing Christmas Carols.  Then we came home and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol.  The kids went to bed well, and Mark and I got to work.  We had to go collect our gifts we had been keeping at other people’s house. (A basketball hoop and a bike for Emma, and another special surprise!)  I was so excited for Christmas morning.  Being a parent is just as good as being a kid.

I totally scored on Craig’s List this year when getting gifts, and the small Christmas I was thinking of turned into one filled with great gifts.  Despite all the great presents, the very best one that everyone loved was a new little kitten!  We kept her in our bathroom on Christmas Eve.  Emma woke up first, came in our room, and heard meowing.  She thought it was Abigail (because Abigail pretends to be a cat 50% of her life).  When she opened the door, the kitty surprised her and then she started yelling that there was a real cat in our house and wanted to know if we get to keep it.  She woke up Abigail right away to tell her.   christmas kitty 12-25-2010 7-43-28 AM

 christmas morning 2 12-25-2010 7-08-14 AM christmas morning 12-25-2010 7-06-52 AM abigail and stormie christmas kitty2 12-25-2010 9-32-36 AM 

The kids are all old enough to really enjoy Christmas, and enjoy it they did!  We all enjoyed the day opening gifts, and playing with them.  It was very relaxing, Mark and I even got a nap in.  That evening we went to my mom’s for a very yummy family dinner and opened some more gifts and played games.  We missed the family we didn’t get to spend the day with, but it was so close to a perfect day.