Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't Sweat it?

I have this outfit.  I am kidding myself to call it an outfit.  Let’s rephrase, I have these clothes.   It makes me happy to put them on because they are so comfy.   I wear them at least once a week and not just in the house.  Out there.  In public.  

They’re Sweats!  okay.  I admit it.  I love to wear my sweats.  A part of me thinks they are cute.  They are not grungy sweats.  They’re nice sweats.  What am I saying?   Nice sweats?!  It reminds me of the time I started wearing tennis shoes in public.  And not  just to the gym.  All over in public. They were just so comfortable.   And I didn’t slip all over the snow in them like I did with my heely-type boots.  They made it so easy to walk around. But, they were brown, cute tennis shoes. Not yucky ones.  See what I mean?  What is happening to me?!

Maybe this is a good thing.  A constant struggle and area of improvement I have is worldliness.  It is so hard for me not to focus on the beautiful things of the world like furniture, clothes, and sports equipment.   It’s hard to quiet the little voice in my head that says, “I want, I want.  I need, I need.”  

So I am going to take this new preference for comfort over fashion as a sign of improvement, and embrace it.  Hopefully it’s a little notch down from caring about clothes and appearances so much.  Who cares if someone sees me wearing my wonderfully comfortable sweats or worse, my sweats with a messy ponytail *gasp*.