Sunday, June 14, 2009

a little commotion

Sacrament meeting in my parents ward is pretty quiet. Some of our past wards had so many kids that sacrament meeting was really loud. This can be nice because my kids don't disturb so much all by themselves.

Today was a particularly quiet day. People go out of town a lot in the summer. Mark and I happened to be sitting in the second row right in the middle. My sweet little guy Gabe has a really strong gag reflex. If he has anything in his mouth that he doesn't want to swallow, he will throw up. Something about the sacrament bread did not agree with Gabe and he threw up all over. While Mark and I are trying to clean the puddles up with wet wipes he starts sneezing. Big sneezes that spew, over and over. Like 10 in a row. It got funny and Mark and I started laughing. Then I stepped on Abigail's bare foot with the heel of my pointy-heeled shoe, and she starts wailing. Mark and I quickly work out a game plan - quickly, but not very quietly since we were talking over Abigail and Gabe. The 5 second walk out of there seemed very long.

I wonder if anyone noticed?



lol. That is hysterical. Hopefully everyone understood, and sometimes all you can do is just throw your hands up and laugh.

I'm sorry I didn't call you last week, it was like 2:00 on Thursday when I realized it was Thursday.

Hopefully I'll see you on Tuesday. I want to play this week, if we can find a place. Jerm says there's always the rec center if all else fails.


Too funny!!!

I'm so sorry! (but we've all been there, right?!)