Sunday, March 29, 2009

Say Cheese

I know I was just complaining about pictures to go with posts, but these were already on the computer from a couple of weeks ago. I love spring. I especially love spring in St. George. I am still wondering why I ever left this wonderful place. The weather is amazing. Instead of freak snow showers in March and April we get refreshing rain showers. I'm listening to the rain right now, and I love it.
I also really love my kids. I know that should be a given. We are just in a good place right now, and I really love each of their personalities so much. Some mornings, I'm actually excited for them to wake up so I can be with them. (not that I don't love them on the days I wish they'd sleep until noon). Hopefully you understand. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where are the posts?

I don't write posts because I have pictures to go with them.

Sound confusing? There are five working computers at our house. Five. Not one of them will allow me to stick my memory card in, edit my pictures and post them onto my blog. Not one. two don't have memory card slots, one won't connect to the internet. Gunnar's is occupied 24/7, but now that I think about it, His is probably my best option. Anyway. It is annoying. So I am just going to post things that I want and put the pictures in when I can. There's only like 5 people that read this blog anyway, so I don't think anyone is going to be crying. So, this post I have been waiting forever to post because I have the cutest picture of Abigail asleep in our bike trailer and Abiagail and Gabe in the bike trailer. Maybe someday they will be here. For now, here is the joy I have for my bike trailer. I love my bike, but I was having a hard time using it as much as I'd like due to little ones. So... as you can guess, I got a bike trailer. ANd I love it. Gabe and Abigail and I ride down to the park to feed the ducks or explore different parks. Today, I tood Gabe to his class at the nature center on my bike and then went for a ride with Abigail and an hour later picked up Gabe, and rode home.

I feel like I have so much freedom with the trailer. I can go anywhere, and I don't have to depend on a car. It doesn't make a lot of sense because my car(actually van) is very dependable. But what if there's no gas someday, or I don't know. But I love knowing I can get where I want to go. And it's fun! Yea for the trailer! And yea that I finally wrote about it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Gabe!

It was Gabe's birthday last Saturday. Okay it was really on Sunday, but we told him it was on Saturday. We've learned it's just easier this way. When Emma turned four she had a party and then a few days later had her real birthday. It took so much conversation to convince her that she wasn't five now.

I can't believe my boy is Four!!! We decided to have a family party day. It started out with pancakes with whipped cream, and after Gabe wanted a bowl of Trix. Lisa, Todd and family came over and we opened presents. Whenever we asked Gabe wanted for his birthday, he always said, "a leash for Joe." Joe is his stuffed dog. Lisa also got him a dog house for Joe. We also got him a nerf gun. It was probably the cheapest birthday ever, but he was so excited, and loved his presents as much as he would have if we got him a pony.

My kids have been begging to go to the Wildlife museum, so I thought this would be a good day for it. Mark had a meeting, so I took the kids and Brenton and Dane. The kids had fun, but after an hour Gabe wanted to go. So we headed over to McDonalds to play for as long as Gabe wanted. Sooner than I thought, Gabe wanted to go home, so we picked up his cake and went home to put Abigail down for a nap. I wanted it to be Gabe's special day and do anything he wanted, but whenver we asked him what he wanted to do. We would say "Eat Cake!". We made cookies he's been wanting for a while, and actually everyone took naps (including Mark and I) -- amazing.

When we woke up, we decided to skip dinner and just have cake. After we watched Bolt and ate treats. We had a lot of sugar today. But considering that is Gabe's favorite thing that's okay.

Gabe is such a sweet boy. He is very quick to say, "I'm sorry mommy, or I love you mommy." He can lift my spirits so easially. He loves to play anything. A game of hide-and-go-seek and the boy is on top of the world. I love his enthusiam.

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Outings and Happenings

Living at my parents has actually many advantages. One: many people stay here, and leave stuff behind. You might think this to be a nuisance, unless it is stuff that is actually useful. Like . . . a camera. Yes, I found a camera my brother left here - his loss, my gain. So here comes some outings we've had lately.

We've gone swimming a couple times now at the SHAC as we call it. We've loved it. There has been no one there. The first time, I had to BEG my kids to go down the water slide. This time, they were going down all by themselves and Mark or I would catch them at the bottom. Totally against the rules, but there was a lifeguard watching us and he never said anything. We didn't let Abigail go down by herself, but we set her on our laps and she loved it. I wish I took pictures of the kids coming down the slide, but we were too busy catching them and going down ourselves. -Next time.

I love Abigail in this picture. She has started "cheesing" for the camera

Party of Five

I usually don't write random posts like this. Our lack of an unbroken camera makes the blogs of us going swimming, the park, the cute little things the kids do during the day seem not very interesting, so beware, here comes some thoughts.

I've always wanted a big family. ALWAYS. I have never considered having less than five kids. (Granted, when Mark and I got married, we were thinking 8, and with each child we have, the number of children we want drops)

I've always known that this matter is a good one to have Heavenly Father's approval on, but I like to have my own plan too. My baby is almost 18 months old. It's hard to believe, so much so that I have counted the months on my fingers like 5 times. Soon I will be able to go to church, and actually go to church. This milestone also begs the question, when should we have our next child? After much thought, I am surprised and satisfied to tell you - now is not the time. And for the first time, the thought has entered my brain that I may have just three children. I don't think so, but the thought was there. And it was okay with me. At least for now, I think it's best for our family to just stay the way we are. So until I become a better person - more patient and able to give my family the attention they deserve - we'll be a happy family of five. And that actually makes me happy.