Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dirty Fun

We didn’t want to bring our camera anywhere near the mud run.  It is new and wonderful after all.  I couldn’t stand to see mud on it. So unfortunately we don’t have a lot of pics.  Next year, I will bring a disposable water proof one with me and snap pictures the whole way.  

In this picture we are not even very dirty because we already got washed off in the lake. Lame, I know. Mud Run 6-19-2010 12-00-29 PM 1884x1256

As I said, we got to Camp Pendleton early and waited for about 3 hours to race.  But the crowd was fun and we were with friends so the time went by fast.  Tom and Krista Jones, and Krista’s sister, Lindsay raced on our team. 

The run was 6.5 miles.  We went through rivers, up some very steep hills, swam across a lake,  sloshed through mud pits, climbed over walls, and crawled through tunnels.  All while being yelled at by Marines (mostly encouragingly).

It was awesome!

The hills were hard. 

Running with soaking wet shoes filled with sand was hard.

It’s difficult to explain why it was so fun to those of you who hate to run.  Like any race, it’s fun because I get to compete.  I get to push myself  really hard.  I don’t get to do that often and it just feels goooood. 

The mud run is so much better than the average race because you get to do stuff that you dreamed of when you were a kid.  I say dreamed because my mom NEVER actually let me play in mud. 

“It’s where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy” 

After the run we were all pumped to do another race.  Tom, Krista, Mark and I all committed and are excited to do the Kokopelli triathlon in September.   Although I want to do well in the tri, my big race goal this year is to do the St. George marathon.  I’ve studied and came up with a training schedule that should help me with both races.  So as Mark and  I go into more intense training, I plan on writing about my goals and things here.  Because it helps me stay motivated and keeps me accountable.  So, thanks for that.  And get ready for some fun!

PS. If this post makes you want to make a mud pit in your backyard and roll around it it, consider doing the dirty dash  It’s in Utah this September!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our beautifully planned vacation started off on the wrong foot when we decided to not go to lake Arrowhead (our favorite place) because –even though we LOVE it, we love it so much less if there is no boat.   And there was no boat.  So we skipped that and left on Wednesday for Long Beach to visit the beloved Grandparents.  

We took Gunnar (little bro.) and Ellie (big niece) –not big, just the oldest.   I thought Gunnar could use a vacation and we brought Ellie to hang out with Gunnar incase we wanted to ditch him. :)

Wednesday was a nice day hanging out in the pool.  Gunnar, Ellie and I did some shopping, and then we were tired (because we left St. George at 7 am sharp)  so we crashed.

Thursday, we left Gunnar (because he had to work, work, work) and fed the bunnies – which was not nearly as exciting as last time because there wasn’t very many.  Then we fed the ducks.  This was fun because we got to watch Ellie get chased by a really big goose.  She screamed and ran to the car, and we all laughed a lot.  Ellie running

Then we headed to the beach.  I thought it was quite chilly and didn’t get in the water like everyone else, and then regretted it later. (we don’t get to go to the ocean everyday after all.) 

markAbigail digging

(Abigail would not look at me for pictures, so this is how they all looked of her) 

Ellie at beach 

After the beach we did more swimming in the pool.  And then, after putting the kids to sleep, Gunnar, Mark, Ellie and I went to see The Karate Kid.   I liked it.  I want to take Emma, because she really loves Karate.  She wants to learn Karate so bad, but I said no, because I think there are lots of better activities she could do before Karate. 

Friday we spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm.  It was really crowded with middle school field trips, and waiting in line was not fun.  But the rides were so fun that it was worth waiting in line.  It was an exhausting day though.   We stayed until it closed and headed to San Diego.  We got there very late, and sweet Amy had all our beds ready.   Thanks again Amy!  Everyone was asleep before their heads hit their pillows.   Mark and I were very much dreading having to wake up at 5:00  to go to the Mud Run. 

5:00 came very fast.  Once I was up and dressed, and on our way, I was excited.  The crowd at Camp Pendleton was big and energizing.  I’ll write a detailed post about the Mud Run, but I am so glad we went because I had SO much fun!  It was my favorite part of the vacation.

Mud Run 6-19-2010 12-00-29 PM 1884x1256

We went back to Spencer and Amy’s to get the kids, Gunnar, and Ellie.   The kids didn’t want to leave but we made them get in the car so we could go to the beach one more time, and head back up to Long Beach.  After the beach, we swam some more, and tried to watch the old Karate Kid, but everyone fell asleep before it was over.  Most of us within 10 min. of the start.  We had been playing hard.  Emma at beach 6-19-2010 5-22-17 PM 3698x3015

Gabe at beachGunnar 2Sunday we celebrated father’s day as we got ready for church, and then headed home.  We loved visiting family. That’s usually the best part of our trips to California.  It was so good to see Grandma and Grandpa, Joel, Spencer, Amy, Karl, Rachel, and kids.  Emma had big tears in her eyes as we left Grandma at church.  She said, “I’m going to miss her so much again.” 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

One of a Kind Girl.

Emma 5-23-2010 3-08-15 PM 4752x3168

Emma is such a special girl.   She has been pleasantly surprising me from the time the doctor told me I was having a girl.  Like how I was expecting a bald, kind-of weird looking baby (because that’s what I looked like) and she came out with a full head of dark hair and just as beautiful as can be.   Family at Christmas 2003Emma baby

Or how I was so worried she wouldn’t get along with her brother, and she loves him so sweetly.

emma and gabe   

Emma and gabe - march 2009

She is sensitive, in a good way.  She really hates yelling, teasing, and people acting stupid (like I do sometimes because I think it’s funny).   She is thoughtful. From a very young age  she would really think about things she didn’t understand.  She loves to learn, and find out new things.  One thing she said she wanted to do this summer is find out how a TV works.  And she wants to learn Spanish.  She is responsible, sometimes more than I am.  She brushes, flosses, and uses mouthwash two times a day.  I don’t even tell her to do this.  She reminds me to put my seatbelt on, and what the speed limit is   One time she refused a brownie because she said she was full and didn’t want to get a tummy ache.  I have yet to learn this logic.   If she’s sick, she’ll ask for vegetables so she can get better.  If I’m sick, she’ll bring me drinks and a blanket.  She’ll read to me if I want.  She is a great caregiver. 

Emma pretty much loves anything.  Dance, gymnastics, basketball, choir, cheerleading, science, reading, softball, etc.    She is patient and tenderhearted.  I learn a lot from her.  She is a joy. 


Emma LOVED her first grade teacher, Mrs. Webb.   LOVED HER.   Because of that I loved Mrs. Webb too.  She was amazing.  Hooray for great teachers!

Emma and teacher 5-27-2010 11-20-46 AM 4752x3168

She received the radiant roadrunner award at school.  Emma's award

She’s been playing softball this spring and loves it.Emma softball 5-25-2010 5-40-26 PM 2816x1942Emma softball hitting 5-25-2010 5-40-32 PM 4752x3168

She loves to ride her bike to school.

Emma's bike 5-19-2010 7-44-02 AM 3420x3149

She makes friends easily.  She is the very youngest in her class and found out this year she is the smallest. 

Emma's friends 5-27-2010 11-22-38 AM 4752x3168Emma's silly friens 

She is just a good girl.   She reads her scriptures and tries so hard to be good.  She makes Mark and I look good as parents.  In fact, I thought parenting was pretty simple before I had Gabriel.  And I realized I just had a really good kid.

Emma swimming 5-31-2010 2-28-34 PM 3985x2795


Oh, Emma loves to wrestle.  I’m trying to think of something she doesn’t love.   *thinking…..     she does not like the dark.  That’s all I got. big hugs for dad 5-23-2010 3-08-55 PM 4752x3168

      She is seriously the best sister Abigail and Gabe could have asked for. kids reading 5-30-2010 4-30-25 PM 4752x3168Emma cute 5-25-2010 5-42-53 PM 4752x3168

We love her so much!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My week as a troll

There have been some requests for my story of what happened last week.  Okay, there was one request.  But I know everyone else is dying to know. 

Memorial Day was amazing.  The short version: Running, Mountain Biking, Swimming, Volleyball, Family, Cafe Rio.


Because of all the busy-ness and my habit to procrastinate.  I had BIG plans to wake up early, skip my run, and work on lesson plans, and routines for my kids this summer.   I didn’t want them to have one day to play video games and other nonsense and think that is what to expect this summer.   Because I had big plans.  

5:00 AM:  “Bella’s Lullaby”  flows nicely in my ears.  (that’s my alarm clock song right now.)   I tried to open my eyes.   OUCH!   PAIN!  

I can’t.   so I keep them close and fall back asleep. 

5:30 AM:  same thing.

6:00 AM: again.  you get the idea.

At about 8:00,  It’s just too late to sleep anymore.  Dang it.  I didn’t get up and plan.  My whole summer is ruined.   But wait, there is something worse than that.  I can’t open my eyes.   

I tried to open them very slowly. no. that hurts.   Come on, Sara, slowly.   After about 30 minutes of this, I get them open.  I go to the bathroom to see what it wrong with them, but the light is excruciating.  I can’t take it. 

I must have an eye infection.  It will be better soon.

I squint my way down the hall and check on the kids.   They are all huddled around the computer playing a very educational game, but I still don’t like it.   What is worse is that one glance at the screen makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.   I then proceed to Mark’s office and do that. 

The longer I was awake the more used to the light I got.  So we all got ready for swim lessons.  It’s only a 5 minute drive, but I was so lucky I got there safely with all the squinting, and watery eyes, and blinking.  That was stupid.   It was chaos getting the kids to their classes.  At least it felt like it because I couldn’t   see.              I got the help of a lifeguard, and  squinted just enough to be able to walk.   I felt Stupid.   I finally sat down, put my hands over my eyes and created a little hole to watch Abigail from.   I know.    It must have looked so weird, but it felt so good.   About then, I realized that I should not be there.   As soon as I got home, I went to Mark’s office, laid down, and put my arm over my eyes for at least half an hour - maybe an hour.  


I literally could not open my eyes after that.   It hurt so bad.   Keeping my eyes closed, I felt my way downstairs to get Abigail a bottle.   And then I cried.   Emma always says that grown ups don’t cry because she never sees us cry.  Well, she saw me that day.  A lot.  After a prayer,  it took me 30 minutes or more to open them.   I should have been worried at this point, but for some reason, I still thought it was an eye infection that would pass.   I wanted to call the doctor, but I wasn’t sure who to call, I couldn’t drive, and it just seemed hard. 

After a couple hours of getting used to light again, (and by light I mean a house with no lights on and all the blinds closed) My mom called.   “how are you doing Sara?”   “Oh, horrible.”  I said. 

She told me to call the doctor.  RIGHT AWAY!!!  

Mothers are a blessing. 

My little brother, Gunnar, drove me to the eye doctor.  Even though he had lots of work to do.   He waited while I got my prescription eye drops.

Gunnar is a blessing. 

So, what was the matter with my eyes?  I had two ulcers on my cornea.  Just on one eye.  I’m not sure why they were both hurting so bad, maybe one had sympathy pains for the other.    Corneal ulcers are not a huge deal, but it not treated, they can cause blindness.    So thanks goodness for my mom who is so wise and sent me to the doctor.   

The next four days consisted of living in a dark house, having my own chauffeur, putting eye drops in every hour, seeing the eye doctor every day, being incredibly tired and doing lots of schoolwork with the kids.  (I love schoolwork).  I also created a great schedule and charts and things for this summer.  (I love charts)

I know there are thousands of things I don’t think about and appreciate.  Sight was one of them.  Probably because it’s so obvious.  Of course sight is great, la de da.   But Imagine living without it.

It’s AMAZING!!, and I hope I will think more often about the great joys in my life and give thanks.