Sunday, June 14, 2009

a little commotion

Sacrament meeting in my parents ward is pretty quiet. Some of our past wards had so many kids that sacrament meeting was really loud. This can be nice because my kids don't disturb so much all by themselves.

Today was a particularly quiet day. People go out of town a lot in the summer. Mark and I happened to be sitting in the second row right in the middle. My sweet little guy Gabe has a really strong gag reflex. If he has anything in his mouth that he doesn't want to swallow, he will throw up. Something about the sacrament bread did not agree with Gabe and he threw up all over. While Mark and I are trying to clean the puddles up with wet wipes he starts sneezing. Big sneezes that spew, over and over. Like 10 in a row. It got funny and Mark and I started laughing. Then I stepped on Abigail's bare foot with the heel of my pointy-heeled shoe, and she starts wailing. Mark and I quickly work out a game plan - quickly, but not very quietly since we were talking over Abigail and Gabe. The 5 second walk out of there seemed very long.

I wonder if anyone noticed?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To expound

Mark listened to the song below and didn't quite get the reference. Maybe if he was a little more focused he would have. *A.D.D.* :) It is a Christian song by Matthew West. I really like all of his songs. I love the message of forgiveness and repentance. Especially how Christ is the only one who can give us those, and if we lift up our sins or give them up to him, he'll heal us. It's so nice to have music with a great message to listen to while exercising.

Sweat and Tears

This is my new favorite song. I can hardly listen to it without crying. It's also a good workout song which makes for quite the situation. Crying on the treadmill at the gym. People must think I am so weird.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where a grown up can be a kid

My wish list: a new camera.

I really want a new camera, and I'm hoping posting about it will remind me that I really want one the next time I want to spend money on clothes or candy or clothes. I'm officially saving for a camera.

Now, on to the pictureless post of our family at Knotts Berry Farm. :)

I've been trying to talk Mark into going to Disneyland forever. I really really want to go and to let our kids have the experience. It is just so expensive. So, we compromised with Knotts Berry Farm. Much cheaper and since my kids have never gone to an amusement park, they didn't know what they were missing.

It was a blast! The kids loved it, and I loved it. Mark also had fun. I was so glad for Abigail's growth spurt because she just barely made it on the little kid rides. The first one was little airplanes that go up and down, and surprisingly I was terrified to let her ride on them alone. I kind-of said something to myself like, "oooohhh I'm scared!" and some parents gave me looks like I was crazy.

Gabe was fearless and also got the most enjoyment out of the rides. He laughed so hard we thought he might throw up. He probably could have gone on the biggest coasters, and laughed. They wouldn't let him though. We tried to get him on one that was fairly big and spinney, but he got kicked off. He even stood on his tippy-toes like I told him. He was so sad because Emma got to ride on it. I was proud of myself because I refrained from telling him that if he would just eat his veggies then he'd grow big and get to ride the roller coasters. (not a good time)

Emma was very fun as well. She rode every ride and had fun. She'd get a little nervous before a big drop and then say, "that was awesome!" afterwards.

I snuck off and rode some rides by myself, which were awesome! I love them! We went with Tom and Krista who didn't seem to have any desire to ride on the big rides. I was so confused by this. I asked Mark if he thought roller coasters are a kid thing and part of growing up is just "out growing" them. He said no and they have just ridden them a lot more than I have. That's good, because I can not wait until my kids are old enough to go on all the rides and we can ride them over and over until they kick us out. Which is almost what happened this time actually. Emma was so tired when she was trying to eat dinner. She said something like, "I never want to go to an amusement park again if we are going to stay so long because I'm so tired. I'm just so tired!"

The kids were so good and there were hardly any people and the weather was so nice (almost a little chilly). It was the perfect day.