Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blast from the past

Hello there. It's been a long time. We didn't get abducted by aliens, or get put in the witness protection program or anything. We didn't rob a bank and flee to tropical islands (although that sounds nice). What have we been doing for the last 7 months? Well, get ready for a little journey into the past. We'll do some time travel. It'll be fun.

Since last June, Mark and I were introduced to wakeboarding. Our wakeboarding past consisted of a once a year trip to Lake Arrowhead with a broken board and a boat that is "usually" working. This was a brand new amazing thing to us. It caused me to have a small "mid-life crisis". It also caused me to get three concussions.

We spent the summer wakeboarding whenever we could, playing volleyball, running and biking through the desert, swimming with the kids, and having fun mostly.

Our computer crashed so I have one pictures of the whole summer that I took of Mark on his phone. Not the best picture, but it's all I got. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

California Love

beach - abigail 6-18-2011 5-25-54 PMWe have created a lovely tradition in our family of spending a great week in California at least once a year.  It seems like we have fallen into a pattern of doing the same things every time we visit.   But we have such a good time, why change it, right?

Before we headed to Lake Arrowhead, we went to the Orange County Swap Meet.   Knockoff designer sunglasses, watches, and purses is always a good time.

Sunday, we had a great day going to church with John, Sondra, and Joel.

LA - kayak 6-15-2011 2-22-04 PM

On Monday, we were in Lake Arrowhead.  I love this Mountain lake with the cool, crisp breeze and pine trees; the cold water, and sandy little beach.  It’s incredibly therapeutic.   I would never be able to completely relax like I’m can in Arrowhead if there wasn’t wakeboarding to be had.  This year,  some good friends came with us which made it even better.  LA - village5 6-14-2011 3-55-21 PM

Emma accidentally hit Abigail with an oar.  We thought about seeing if she need a stitch, but decided a band aid would suffice.LA - abigaileye 6-14-2011 11-11-06 AM   LA - kayak2 6-15-2011 2-21-55 PM  LA - villageducks 6-14-2011 4-00-38 PM LA - Swimming 6-14-2011 12-00-34 PM

LA - village2 6-14-2011 5-01-09 PM

The kids were playing red light/green light.  They kept themselves super happy.  LA - village3 6-14-2011 4-56-35 PM    LA - village park 6-14-2011 3-51-13 PM                   LA - boat 2 6-14-2011 10-53-09 AM  Abigail kept collecting rocks, and calling them her seashells. LA - island2 6-15-2011 2-43-29 PM

LA - island 6-15-2011 2-40-30 PM

Emma and Tom and Krista’s Abby were best friends while we were there.  She made Abby a cake for her 5th birthday which we celebrated on Wednesday.LA - cake 6-15-2011 3-12-03 PM  Gabriel had fun on the beach and the kayak.  He was a little timid to get in the water because it was so cold. LA - village5 6-14-2011 3-55-50 PM

Wakeboarding was especially nice this trip because we brought a borrowed wakeboard with us (Thank you so much Johnny!!!)

WB - mark 6-14-2011 1-55-33 PMWB - mark3 6-15-2011 10-47-00 AM

Mark and I tried to do 360’s with no luck.  (we were able to get around on the water, but not in the air) 

 WB - Sara2 6-15-2011 12-54-35 PMWBS2


It was fun to watch our friends wakeboard.

Tommy Marshall (I love this picture)WB - Tommy M crop

Kim Marshall WB - Kim 6-14-2011 11-12-22 AM

  Krista Jones 

WB - Krista 6-14-2011 11-38-17 AM

Friday, Mark had to work so I took the kids to Knotts Berry Farm.  It was a great day to go.  The weather was overcast and cool.  The lines were not bad either.

knotts - snoopy 6-17-2011 10-23-30 PMknotts4 6-17-2011 8-56-39 PM    knotts3 6-17-2011 8-52-22 PM   knotts 6-17-2011 6-05-44 PMknotts2 6-17-2011 6-10-56 PM 

Emma and I had a little mother-daughter date that evening and we went back to ride some of the bigger roller coasters. (Something I’ve been waiting for since she was born)  She is just barely 48” and I had her wear some big wedge sandals just in case they gave us a hard time.   Emma was so fun to be with,  she even rode Ghostrider with me, which is pretty darn scary.   I’m such a proud Momma. knotts6 6-18-2011 3-10-11 AM

Breakfast at Dennys 6-16-2011 4-42-17 PM

In between swimming and playing with Grandpa and Grandma, We squeezed in a quick trip to the beach.  It was really cold and windy, but the kids had a lot of fun regardless. beach - abigail 6-18-2011 5-12-16 PM

beach - Emma jump 6-18-2011 5-29-57 PM

beach - jumping 6-18-2011 5-37-18 PM


awww. for cute.

beach - heart 6-18-2011 5-14-32 PM

beach - abigail2 6-18-2011 5-11-58 PM

It was so windy,  Mark could play Frisbee with himself. beach - mark frisbee beach - kids 6-18-2011 5-17-00 PM

A blessing from this trip was being able to spend time with Sondra.  We all love her so much.   Emma has such a special bond with her and Abigail wanted to be with her all the time.  Gabe loves to get hugs and kisses from her.  It was a gift to spend the past week snuggling in her bed and showing her the great caterpillars we caught.  

I love that this has become a tradition for us.  It’s a special time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Happy Things of Spring

kids 4-10-2011 12-19-59 PM 


Baseball and Softball

Gabe baseball 4-7-2011 12-44-35 AM

Gabe and Emma started playing ball.  They both really like it.  I’ve really enjoyed Emma’s games because she is getting old enough that they are actually playing.  They even have a kid pitcher and everytsoftball2hing.  softball3It’s really fun to watch. 










softball1 5-16-2011 7-33-39 PM


Easter weekend was so nice.  We had a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, we colored eggs, and the kids woke up Easter morning to find their baskets.

Mia and Abigail 4-21-2011 3-20-14 PM

kids - easter 4-21-2011 3-28-37 PM

  kids - easter sunday  

We’ve had a great spring. The kids have been scootering all over.  They are scooter-crazyGabe scooter

IMG_8692Abigail and Mom 5-16-2011 6-17-34 PM 

Stormie is getting bigger.  She’s still cute, and we still love her.stormie 4-10-2011 12-48-26 PM

  Abigail 2

Happy Spring Everybody!