Friday, July 10, 2009

Shark in the Cart!

When I go shopping, I feel very comfortable and calm with my list. It's my safety floaty in the unpredictable ocean of food. Nothing can go too wrong when it's with me. There are many dangers in a grocery store, but I, myself, have created a predator of a new species. A shark. Specifically design to attack my safety and security.

I call her Abigail.

The moment I let my guard down, she will dive in and steal my list. Then quietly, she'll drop it. I don't realize until it's too late and I'm drowning, grabbing onto anything I can (usually chocolate) to keep me afloat. It's a rare day when the shopping list shark attacks and I make it out with everything I needed.

Sometimes I can go back and find the list, but today, Abigail thought of a new way to destroy the list.

see below


Heather H

Oh my gosh!! That is too funny!!! She is just getting so big.

Nate and Jacque Holt

haha, I love how you have the picture at the bottom...because I scrolled down to it after I read the cute story...and bam, there she is eating that list. so cute.


Shark bait, ooh ha ha! That's great. I feel the same way about my shopping list. I mark mine with little codes so I remember if I have a coupon and write in the margins if I plan to price match. Losing the list is disastrous. Caleb is my little shark and has eaten, shredded, dropped and hidden the list. How do they know?


That is one of the most classic pictures I've ever seen.

I know it's not really safe, but can you throw her all the way into the back? And then bring a binder or a planner or something and clip your list into that so that it stays up where you can see it and she won't be tempted to eat it. Heh.

Good luck, grocery shopping is no fun at all.


haha!! Karlee does that, too. I have to fight to keep the list away from her!

Your story was just too funny! I was laughing the whole time!


So awesome. Abigail is the bomb.

Krista Jones

LOL! That is so funny! Great story telling! I tuck mine in my bra. It seems to be safe there until Stryder figures out my new hiding place. I guess Mark is out of luck...