Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

I LOVE the forth of July!
I love this country and the ideals it was founded on.
I love having a special day to celebrate it.

I am adamant about seeing the big firework show. It took Mark a little while to learn this. One year I just about lost it when we almost missed it. It is kind-of a pain to go see the big show because we have keep our kids entertained at a really crowded park for a while, and we have to stay up so late, and fight the traffic getting home. Sometimes Mark isn't excited as me to go, but I always remind him, we only get to watch fireworks one day a year.

My kids have also never been big fans of fireworks. But this year was different. Abigail is my brave girl! She loved the big fireworks. Gabe really got into lighting the smaller ones, and then throwing them in the street. It was so fun. Usually my kids are crying during any kind of firework display.

Emma has not come around yet. She said she liked the big ones at the park, but had her fingers in her ears the whole time. She watched us light fireworks in the street from the back window of the van inside the garage. They are just too loud for her sensitive little ears. We did get her to throw those little poppers this year. That's an improvement.



I'm afraid I'm with Mark on this one. I love the big fireworks shows, but it's just an unbelievable hassle with the little ones especially if they end up being terrified. Way more fun to light them and set them off yourself! Of course I come from a family of pyromaniacs.


Too cute! Love that last pic of them watching the fireworks. And yeah for Mark for going even though he dislikes it!