Friday, September 11, 2009

Health Lesson from a 6 year old.

Emma has been talking to strangers lately. I'm always around, but she'll strike up full blown conversation. They are so funny too. One funny incident happened on Monday. I took the kids to the Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake to see the frog exibit. Gabe is really into frogs right now. We parked on the street in front of a little bar. There was a man outside with a wife-beater on and he was smoking. He was very nice, and started talking to Gabe while I got our stroller organized. He asked if we were going to the museum, and they chit-chated. Emma came around the car and gasped very loudly. She practically yelled, "ARE YOU SMOKING!?" The guys looked kind-of embarrassed, but laughed, "yeah, it's a bad habit. You shouldn't do it."
"YOUR LUNGS ARE GOING TO TURN BLACK!" says Emma. She is just shocked. You would think she had never seen someone smoking before.
"I don't think my lungs will turn black, but it's not a good habit."
Emma was insistent,"They will, they will turn black!"
He continued to smoke and I hurried to get going. A few minutes later Emma was so upset because he was still smoking. "I can't believe he didn't stop smoking. His lungs are going to turn black."



LOL! Parker has done the same thing, but told the person that they will STINK if they keep smoking. It got the lady to put her cigarette out! I made no apologies because I couldn't agree more.

Rachel Sue

That hilarious. And brave. My girls wouldn't talk to a stranger if you paid them.


HAHAHA Too funny!