Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

I just realized I never posted anything about Emma's birthday party. So here it is a little late.

Since we were going to be in Utah County for a triathlon on Emma's birthday and a lot of her friends and cousins live up there, we had her party at Boondocks. (Boondocks is like a family fun center with video games, miniature golf etc.) This was Emma's #1 choice. It even beat out Disneyland, so how could we refuse? Even though it was not my first choice of venue for the party, it was really fun. The kids played games and played on the playground They ran all over making it a little hard for the parents to keep track of them. Those that weren't busy playing video games themselves *cough* Mark and John. Okay I had fun playing too, and happy to say I doubled John's score in basketball, but that's only to be expected.

We had pizza, and cake. The cake was made out of cupcakes, which we broke apart when it was eating time. What a great idea. I always go back and forth between cupcakes and cake. Cupcakes are so fun to eat and require no cutting or utensils, but I like to have a nicely decorated cake too. This way, I got both. Emma enjoyed opening all her presents.

The best part (for me) was seeing friends from Lehi. We've missed them so much. Emma loved seeing her old friends too. It was really loud and crazy, but it was just the kind-of birthday Emma wanted, and we all had a blast!

ps. Thanks to Rachel for taking pictures as I am still cameraless. *tear*