Monday, August 24, 2009

Where's my other Mama?

Emma is adjusting to first grade so well! She loves it. I thought she would be exhausted, but she comes home happy, hungry, and hyper. The only thing she talks about is lunch and recess. That's okay because she is so excited when she does. She got blisters from the monkey bars, but was so happy she did them all by herself.

There's one person who is still having a hard time.


If you want to make Abigail excited in the afternoon, just say Bus. She'll shout, "BUH!" and run to the front door. It is so cute. Mornings are sad goodbyes though. Emma is always the last one on the bus because Abigail gives her so many hugs.

Abigail misses her friend, but Emma is also like a second mother to her. I never really took notice until recently. Emma is so responsible and mature when it comes to Abigail. She kisses her owwies, helps her put shoes on barbies, stops her from getting into messy things, refills her bottle, wraps her blanket around her, and puts her shoes on before she goes outside. And Emma loves it. Emma's been trying to take care of Abigail since she was a baby, and finally Abigail will let her. It is quite the wonderful situation. I love my sweet little girls, and I'm especially grateful for what a great big sister Emma is. She is going to make a great Mom someday.



Too cute!!! Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE that picture of them kissing!! So sweet!

Krista Jones

Oh how adorable Sara! They have such a sweet relationship! You can tell they love each other so much!


This post pulls my heartstrings... That's so awesome that your kids love each other so much. And the care-taking big sisters are the best. I had a few extra Moms growing up, and I remember that I loved it.

Nate and Jacque Holt

k, you officially have the cutest girls ever...