Sunday, April 26, 2009

So blogging as a motivator didn't really work, because I fell off the wagon again this weekend. I just don't know what's wrong with me. You would think eventually I would learn not to eat so much junk food on the weekend and continue working out. I had good intentions this weekend. I did. I had planned a bike and run brick workout for 1:00, when the kids take naps. Well, at 1:00 it was raining. What was I supposed to do. Get ice cream and watch "24"? I thought so too. Only, at 1:15 it stopped raining. So I really have no excuse. Then I was going to go at 7:00 in the evening after Mark went for a swim, but we went to a new gym and it took a long time to take the tour etc, and it was just too late. Those are my sort-of excuses. It's sad I know. Tomorrow is a new week though right?

Thursday I slept in and took the kids to the day care to go swimming. 3/4 of the way into the workout, Abigail had a dirty diaper and I had to get out.

Friday I went to spin class and then did some weights. Mark talked me out of going swimming to make up for Thursday, so I ate chocolate instead. I love the weekends and hate them too.

Goals for this week: Interval training. I need to get my speed up. I am so slow on the bike and the run. I need to learn to do them faster. If anyone has any suggestions. I'd love them. Also, eat good food.


Our soccer season is over. It went by so fast, just when the kids were getting the hang of it. We lost our last game, but we got trophies. The other team didn't get trophies because it wasn't their last game. Emma was so confused by this, and had to sit down and really explain it to her. It was kind-of funny.


St. George is starting to get warm. I like it, as for the kids, not so much. We rode our bikes to the park on Wednesday, and after playing there for 30 minutes or so, we decided to ride our bikes to another park. We played there for too long because we left at about 12:30 and it was really hot and the kids were tired. Gabe just couldn't make it home. I had to call my Dad to come pick him up. Poor thing. They slept good that night. :)

I raise my bowl of ice cream to a new week. Cheers.