Monday, April 20, 2009

The Good Kind of Bad Planning

So I lied a little bit. I said I had two training weeks left. That really means three weeks because the last week is a rest/recovery week and you don't do a lot. But I really have three training weeks left. Yea! I like having more time. Although that is more time to stay motivated. I am doing the Woman of Steel Triathlon in American Fork. It is on May 16. Four weeks to go.

Today I was up at 5:30 and went to the gym for spin class. Spin is a class that you do on indoor bikes and the instructor tells you how fast to go, and motivates you. We'll do sprint intervals, or increase resistance like we're going up a hill, etc. I LOVE IT! Again, bike is not my favorite thing so when I discovered spin class I was excited. I love it because I get a great workout on the bike, which is so hard for me to do on my own. It's great having someone direct my workout. is really hard. I sweat more in one spin class than a whole week of exercise. Today especially. I didn't rest enough from my long ride on Saturday, and I was still sore. I made it through the class though a ran a slow fat-burning jog afterwards.

Stats for today: BIKE- 1 hour (no idea how many miles, 10-12 maybe)
RUN-40 min, 4 miles

My biggest problem is actually eating. I don't eat the kinds of foods that will maximize my training. Translation: I love candy. Today eating was just okay. I started off well with a protein smoothie for breakfast, and more fruits and veggies than usual throughout the day. I had a lot of crackers which made more calories than I need. For FHE we went to sonic and got ice cream. I didn't order anything, and then ate half of Mark's shake. :) Sigh, I know, but I did try.