Thursday, April 30, 2009

keep on rollin

I am a little bored blogging about training. Okay, I'm actually a little bored with training. It is just one of those weeks that I want to be lazy and watch the Bulls play and eat candy. But I do have a deadline that is approaching with a goal attached so I gotta stay with it. These moments seems to pass if I just keep at it. The training part anyway. I am hopelessly weak when it comes to junk food. I exercise so much that I am starving, and vegetables are too much of a pain to prepare and no one will make them for me. I know. Excuses, Excuses.

This is what I have done this week.

Mon: Brick workout (that's where you do them right after each other) Bike: 1 hour, Run: 30 min. I'm not sure how far I went.
I actually ate very good on Monday.

Tues: Swim 45 min. 50 laps, and about 20 more laps that were sprints
Run: 5 miles. 3 of the miles I ran at a 7.5 mph pace, which is slow, but really good for me. Then I had a warm-up and cool-down mile.

Wed: Woke up late and was really sore and tired. I did weights for 30 min. I ate crummy today too.

Today: I went to spin class, and ran a fast mile afterwards. I was supposed to go run some hills today, but I got talking to Mark about where we want to live, and that took an hour, and my run time was over.

Tomorrow I am going to swim laps at a new pool to compare, because I think the pool I have been swimming in is short. I am also going to try to do those hills, but I'll have to do it on a treadmill. Not nearly as fun. :)

Wow, I feel more motivated already. This does help.


I have a problem with my children and lying. Does anyone have any helpful advice or discipline techniques? I don't like to spank. I am pretty much a time-out mom. But it is not working so good. I may just need to give it some time for them to quite testing me. It is so sad and frustrating though.


Mark and I can't decide where to live. We can live anywhere. Where would you live?



On lying- it depends what they lie about. For example if someone makes a huge mess with their food, and then lies about it, not only do they have to clean it up by themselves, they get a time out or a priveldge taken away. Taking away priveledges is working wonders around here lately.

And you should move here!


I was thinking more about it and we also use guilt trips. They don't usually get an immediate response, but seem to build up over time.

Heather Marie

We have had trouble must be the age! When my kids lie or are dishonest (taking something that doesn't belong to them etc...) I make them write an apology to whomever they hurt or lied to. They also loose whatever privilege is linked to the crime. Ex: Take brothers toy...can't play with those toys for the day...Sneak a treat out of the treats for the rest of the day...Lie to mommy about doing reading or homework...mommy comes up with more homework to do!