Sunday, February 6, 2011

A New Family Member

A new little joy has come to our house.   She has captured our hearts.  Who couldn’t love this little face.  

StormyStormy 3

That’s right, we got a kitten for Christmas.  She is awesome.  She is sweet, trained, playful, and hilarious.  Who knew kittens were so funny.  She gets really playful around 11:00pm when we usually go to bed.  I swear Mark and I stayed up for many nights playing with her and laughing our heads off. 

Mark and Stormy Abail and kitty2 12-28-2010 10-53-38 AM Stormy sleeping

If a kid could love animals more than Abigail, I would be shocked.  The girl seriously LOVES animals.  After some thought, we knew a kitten would make her 3 year old dreams come true.  

We named her Stormy.  Everyone loves her. Stormy 2

It took a little while to teach Abigail how to “be soft”. Abigial and Stormy

Emma and I seemed a little allergic to her at first, but I guess we got used to her because we are fine now.  weird, but great.

One day, Abigail got sick and slept on the floor all afternoon with Stormy.  Stormy and abigail 2

We are so glad we decided get Stormy.  She’s part of our family now :)

Stormy and kids

Gabe and Kitty 12-28-2010 9-30-18 PM

Abigail stormy sleeping


      Abigail and Stormy  PS.  To those family members who are allergic to cats – we don’t want to offend you in any way.  And we still want to have you visit.  We will keep Stormy outside for a week before you come.  She is going to be an outside cat soon anyway.  So please still come see us!!



She is adorable! I never thought I would love cats but I do now. I can't imagine dealing with a dog instead.

(Don't you love how many people hate them, though? I noticed I'm the first comment, and no one ever says anything when I talk about mine on my blog.)

Think twice before letting her outside... it's just a whole different feel and sometimes their training in the house isn't as full proof. We have a lot of people who are allergic to cats come visit us, we just vaccuum first and you could always keep her in the other room.

Congrats on your adorable kitty. And your beautiful family, as always.