Friday, February 11, 2011


Remember when I said I was going to take pictures this year and post about our life.  This is me posting for the month on January. (Christmas letter style)  I took these pictures with my phone.  It’s handy, but the quality is not always great.

January has been a return to the normal.  School, work, and play.

Emma pizazz 12-15-2010 8-06-48 PMEmma has been performing at basketball games with her dance team PIZAZZ.  She is taking a tumbling class, and finished up her own basketball season.  She didn’t like basketball much. Emma basketball Emma - jan 1-8-2011 5-50-18 PM

Gabriel continues to enjoy the violin and video games.  He got a Lego Star Wars game for Christmas and now is into everything Star Wars.  I got him a few Star Wars books and loves those too.  He is pretty much reading, watching, or playing Star Wars all the time.

   Gabe - Jan 1-21-2011 6-55-38 PMGabe dennys 1-17-2011 4-37-27 PM


Abigail learned to ride the bike she got for Christmas.  Yes it has training wheels.  It just took a while for her to get the motion of bike riding.  She is loving preschool, and going to the park and of course, our kitty.Abigail - Jan 12-30-2010 8-23-17 PM Abigail -jan2 1-4-2011 2-51-12 PM

Mark has been working on updating the reference materials at work.  He finished up in January and we went to a party in celebration of all the hard work of his team.   He has been enjoying playing volleyball in the evenings.  We got to go snowboarding a couple time too.

Me. I had my second closing in January.  I have been organizing the house, and trying to keep it clean.  I passed a huge kidney stone which has been bothering me for months.  Having that gone has been wonderful.   I also have been working on improving Gabriel’s room – painting and such. 

It’s been a great month.  The weather is beautiful.  Life is great.  We are very blessed.