Sunday, October 3, 2010

My little ladybug turns 3

Grandpa 9-25-2010 11-23-31 AMAbigail LOVES bugs!  She was very clear she wanted a ladybug birthday party.  She talked about it for WEEKS and would even invite strangers to her party.   She was so excited for it! 

I was very crafty for Abigail’s third birthday.  Partly because I started planning it too late to order anything, and St. George did not have a big supply of ladybug things.

  I made ladybug headbands for the guests….Headbands 9-25-2010 12-31-59 AM

ladybug beanbags, and leaves for games…..

beanbag and leaf 9-25-2010 11-11-49 AM

and my sister-in-law gave me her bug pan so I could make these cute little cakes.  

bug cakes 9-25-2010 10-52-28 AM  ladybug costume 9-25-2010 10-09-28 AM

The Guests.  Cousins Beckam and Mia, and friend, Matayleigh.

guests 9-25-2010 11-22-43 AM

When the friends came, and gave Abigail her present, she immediately opened them.   She loved it.opening presents 9-25-2010 10-12-12 AM

Games.  We played a dancing game, decorated bug boxes, went on a bug hunt, and played throw the ladybug on the leaf game.  freeze dance 9-25-2010 10-25-36 AMdecorating boxes 9-25-2010 10-29-37 AM

blowing candles 9-25-2010 10-53-34 AM

Abigail wore her costume all day.  Here we are at Gabe’s soccer game. kids at soccer 9-25-2010 2-54-13 PM funny face 9-25-2010 2-56-58 PM

Later that night, Mark took Abigail out on a special Daddy-daughter date to Fiesta Fun.  It wasn’t planned and she was already in her pj’s. She had So much fun with her dad.  She loves getting prizes with her tickets.

air hockey 9-25-2010 5-54-53 PMski ball 9-25-2010 5-52-38 PM tickets 9-25-2010 6-10-41 PM vampire teeth 9-25-2010 6-27-32 PM

Abigail has been an absolute joy since she was born.  She’s easy- going and so funny.  She’s so often happy.   We’ve all loved having her in our home.  She’s a sweetheart, and will make us feel better when we’re sad.  She pretends to be a kitty cat 50% of the time.  She’s a fantastic eater, whether it’s broccoli or Cafe Rio, she’ll love it.  It seems like everything she does is cute or funny.   When she’s sad, she’ll quickly find a little spot she can hide in and sulk.  She is a little mischievous, but it comes from her curiosity.  The other day she was trying to draw a happy face on herself. 

We love her so much!  Happy Birthday little bug.

marker face2 9-28-2010 1-44-06 PMmarker face 9-28-2010 1-44-09 PM



I love both of your girl's birthday parties. I love how you helped them have just what they wanted. And I dig that she got to open the presents as soon as they arrived. Why not?

The bug cakes are adorable. And I want to eat one.


So cute! I had to laugh when you said she's a "kitty cat 50% of the time" 'cause it's the same in our house, except ours is probably closer to 80%!!

LOVE the party ideas! So cute!