Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big booty

My daily thing: 

I wake up in the morning, go to my closet, and look at my clothes.  After a few minutes I have to admit, I only have one pair of pants that fit me.  I used to love my “favorite” jeans.  Now,  the sight of them makes me sigh. 

So I am officially on a diet.  I am going to give myself a birthday present and it will be 15 pounds lost.  15 pounds in 8 weeks.  I think I will blog about it.  It might be boring, but it might be interesting.  It might give me motivation.  I’ll share some tips and tricks, and maybe it help the three people out there who read this blog.        Probably not. 

Tip #1.  

If you have really bad eating habits, like me, I would suggest not exercising for a little while until you can break those.  I love exercise, but it makes me really hungry.  Which makes eating right even harder.   For a week or two, just focus hard on getting the right calories, and not eating any sort of junk food.  Break bad habits like eating in the evening, and eating sugary snack during the day.

Hopefully, when you add exercise to your day, your good eating habits will be established and you’ll be able to handle the extra calories lost and not stuff yourself with every last candy corn you can find.  

Here’s to hoping!



Unless you swallowed a whale since I last saw you I can't imagine you "needing" a diet! But I'm all for eating right and exercising. Go girl.


Mmmmm . . . candy corn. Kaitlyn won a jar full of the pumpkin-shaped ones . . . . I made sure I asked her if I could have one whenever I want. : )


Umm, I'm all for being healthy, but I think you look great. As I scrolled down and saw the picture of you at the marathon, I wondered where you think the extra 15 pounds are on you?

Do it to be healthier, let the other benefits just be a bonus, I say. (:

And good luck.

Aaron Gabrielson

Good luck, chunky butt :-)

Love, Aaron


Good luck!