Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams

My name is Sara, and I am a candyholic.  My last candy pumpkin was …. last night.   not just one, but a lot.    *shame*

I actually have a strong addiction to junk food.  Mark and I were having an in-house date night.  I wasn’t sure the movie would be enjoyable without candy.  Can I just sit and watch a movie and not eat anything?   I have yet to find out. 

Also, what is it about the weekend that makes me think I’m having a party and therefore justified in eating junk food?   I’m not that big of a party animal.  I’m sure I can do it. 

As with most things in life, it’s important to just keep trying.  Just because you eat one pumpkin doesn’t mean you fail and now can eat the whole bag.  And just because you had a bad night, doesn’t mean you should throw the weekend away and pig out for the next two days.  No.  Get back on the horse and keep trying.  It is a new day with new possibilities, like breaking a horrid eating habit.

Horrid Eating Habit #2

Eating late at night.

The last three hours before bed is the hardest for me,  It’s so important because you can actually lose weight while you’re sleeping, or wake up with a little more body fat depending on what and when you eat in the evening.

Your last meal should be 2-3 hours before you go to bed.  You should feel a little hungry when you go to bed.  It’s your body’s way of telling you your losing body fat.  It’s best to avoid starchy carbs before bed, (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes). 

Why it’s bad to eat before bed

1. Instead of dipping into your fat stores while you sleep, your body will use the food you just ate, and have lots left over because it uses minimal calories while you are sleeping.  So it will store the rest.  as fat.  yay.

2. One nice thing your body does every time you eat is your metabolism increases slightly.  You loose this benefit when you eat before bed because your body is preparing for sleep. 

3. Eating high-glycemic carbs (pasta, potatoes, white rice, sugar, etc.) right before bed will spike your insulin levels and slows nighttime Human Growth Hormone production. That's very bad because about 80% of this fat-burning, muscle-building "super hormone" is released during sleep. 

     Don’t know a lot about HGH?  Some effects are decreased body fat, increased muscle mass, increased bone density, increased energy levels, improved skin tone and texture, increased sexual function, and improved immune system function.  That’s a nice hormone.

4. Eating a large meal before bed can disrupt your sleep. Fatty foods take a lot of work for your stomach to digest and may keep you up. Also be cautious when it comes to spicy or acidic foods in the evening, as they can cause stomach trouble and heartburn.

5.There are many benefits to eating breakfast (I’ll save for another day)  When you eat late at night, usually you’re not hungry for breakfast and miss this important meal. 

4.All this talk of avoiding carbs before bed reminds me how I like to “drink” the crumbs in the Pringles can, and then brush the rest off my pillow.   Here’s a tip for those night carb lovers like me.  If you have a carb craving before bed eat the high-fiber, low-glycemic kind. (apples, berries, peaches, plums, bran cereal, fresh vegetables, vegetable juice, etc.) 

Tonight I am going to get some nice fat-burning sleep. 


Lisa Pett

You sound EXACTLY like me! :-) I can't help but eat candy (M&Ms please) while watching a movie or football game and not eating before bed is SUPER hard for me. Who wants to sit and watch Glee while you hear your stomach growl??

I'm still not convinced that you need to lose any weight but I know how hard it is so good luck! I'm working on it too.