Monday, September 27, 2010

I am now the mother of a 7 year old. What!?


I am going to continue to do this every year.  Freak out how old Emma is.  Next year she’ll be baptized.  Wow.  I’m thinking of the journal we planned on giving her when she gets baptized filled with our thoughts and memories of her and hopes for the future etc.  I think there’s 10 pages filled out.  We better get to work on that. 

This year Emma planned her whole party, which made it easy on me.  

clairs 8-28-2010 10-15-38 AM

Mark and I surprised her by getting her ears pierced.  She has been really wanting to get them pierced, but was terribly frightened when she realized what was about to happen.  She started to cry and asked to say a prayer.  scared emma 8-28-2010 10-22-26 AMShe is such a sweet heart.   We kept telling her she didn’t have to do it, but she mustered her bravery and did it.all done 8-28-2010 10-31-57 AM

Next, we let her choose the place to eat lunch.  She very excitedly chose Subway.  

lunch at subway 8-28-2010 11-09-03 AM

After lunch it was time for her party to begin.   There are so many girls in the neighborhood her age, and we didn’t want to leave anyone out, so there was a big group. 

They played games…

pin the tail 8-28-2010 12-22-46 PMtreasure hunt 8-28-2010 12-31-34 PM

had cake….   the cake 8-28-2010 12-53-33 PM   blowing the candles 8-28-2010 12-55-35 PMand then everyone got pedicures!  pedicures 8-28-2010 1-30-02 PMemma's pedicure 8-28-2010 1-32-04 PM

It was a fun birthday, and just what Emma wanted.  She deserves it.  She is an amazing girl, and we all Love her SOO much!