Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Gabe 2Emma the witch


This  year, Halloween seemed to last a whole week.  Monday, we had a neighborhood Halloween party.  Tuesday and Wednesday were spent preparing costumes, activities, and candy.  Thursday Gabe had a Halloween party at school with a trunk or treat.    Friday, Abigail and Gabe dressed up for a party at the gym’s daycare.  I had to take them from the party just before the parade so we could jet over to Emma’s school for her party and parade.   It turned out they changed the time and I was a 1/2 hour late and missed the parade.    Later we headed over for some kids “zombie zumba” and the time for that changed as well and we missed it. We did not have the best luck on Friday.

I felt like I had been celebrating Halloween all week, but I was still ready for more come Saturday.

Gabe football

Abigail footballEmma gymnastics   Gabriel had football and Emma had gymnastics in the morning.  Later we carved pumpkins. Well, Mark, me and one of Emma’s friends carved pumpkins.  Our kids were just not interested in them this year.


They picked out their designs and were done.   That’s okay, I love to carve pumpkins,  so I got to do it in peace and quiet this year.  Then everyone took a nice long 2 

Lisa and Todd came over for dinner and trick or treating. 


The kids waited so patiently to go trick or treating.  The weather was gorgeous.  It was just perfect for trick or treating. 

Mark and I wanted to experiment with make-up,  so we dressed up as zombies.  It was fun scarring Emma.  

sara the zombie 2zombie mark

Emma was so picky about her costume this year.  I had to take her original witch costume back because it was not scary enough.  She absolutely refused to let us paint her face.  I guess it is good she sticks up for what she wants.  Gabe picked out his knight costume and loved it.  He told everyone that he protects his baby sister fairy from the evil witch (Emma).  Emma did  not like that. kids

Abigail didn’t care too much about the candy.  She was so much slower than everyone that most of the time she didn’t make it up to the door.  She was having so much fun running around though.  We took the most pictures of her because she was the cutest. Abigail 5    Abigail 4Abigail and rat  Abigail 3 Abigail 2

Gabe and Emma were so fast.  I have taught them well.  They ate their candy the whole time while we were trick or treating.  I think this is because they’ve learned they only get one night to eat it, and they were starting early.  Gabe got tired pretty early, and wanted to go home to give his candy to the candy witch.  Emma didn’t want to stop until her bucket was full.  That was fine by me.  I love trick or treating!  

Who is the Candy Witch?  The candy witch is my solution to the mountains of candy the kids get on Halloween.  They eat as much as they want on Halloween, then they leave it out for the candy witch.  This year Emma did not want to do it, so we told her the witch might leave her a present.   That worked great.  The kids woke up this morning to their little gifts, and forgot all about their candy.  It think I heard them yelling, “thank you candy witch, thank you!” while I was in bed. 

It was a very fun Halloween week, but I am looking forward to celebrating things that are not quite as spooky.

For dinner we ate what any good zombie would eat. brains.

scary momma



You're kids look adorable, esecially Abigail, and you two look wicked scary! I can tell you've been using your new camera.


I love the pictures. Your kids are so cute!


So cute!!! I love the candy witch idea. :)

And your costumes were amazing! I never knew sweet Sara could be so scary! Great job!

Nate and Jacque Holt

k, I love your guys' outfits. It's fun to dress up even as adults huh? Looks like a really really fun halloween for you guys!