Friday, November 20, 2009

Winning Isn’t everything. But it’s nice.

On Saturday I raced in a triathlon right here in St. George.  I got first place in my age division!  It was a surprise, and pretty awesome.   The race was just three miles from my house at the “SHAC”, which made it the most stress-free race I’ve done.   Of course,  I was quite sick the whole week before the race, which gave me plenty of rest/recovery time.

Mark took this pic the day before the race.  Abigail and I were both sick and worn out.  This nap at 9:30 AM while the other kids were at school was sooo nice.

Abigail and mom sleeping

Because I was so sick,  I may not have raced if my friend, Erika, wasn’t driving down from Salt Lake to race with me.  But I was so glad she came because I haven’t seen her in a long time, and I would take any excuse to hang out with her.  Also, I’m so glad I did it because this was the most fun triathlon I’ve ever done!  Not just because I won.  really.  I know winning makes everything more fun, but I loved racing in my “home court”,  the non-stress factor and familiarity was so nice.  Also,  I went at a great pace. I went just fast enough that I didn’t kill my self – it was still enjoyable,  but not too slow to make me regret not trying harder.  And it was really fun to do it with a friend.  And I saw Coach Baggs for the first time since high school, and it was really fun to talk to him again. 

winning the blue 

So yeah.  I got first place!  Wahoo! I thought I had gotten third place, and when they were giving the awards they called my name for first place.  I was confused and when I got up there I ask the lady, “what place did I get?”  and she said, “first!”  And I was like, “All right!”  It was pretty cool.  Granted, it was not a highly competitive event (it’s not USAT sanctioned or anything)  But a first place when I’m sick.  I’ll take it, and I’ll like it.  :)

We got no good pictures of the event.  These were the best there were. 

  after the race - sara

Me and Erika after she just finished.Sara and Erika



1st place! You go girl.

Krista Jones

Yay Sara! You rock girl!! Woo Hoo!


Wow!!! 1st place!!! Great job!!!

And so fun that you got to do it with Erika!


Oh, and cute picture of you and Abigail, even if you're both sick.


Good job! That's so awesome. You looked pretty wasted earlier that week, so I think it's amazing you still got first place.

I agree that the sleeping picture is so cute.

Mom and Dad

Good Job Sara! You rock!

Nate and Jacque Holt

wow, how are you so talented?? so I texted you earlier about our volleyball game wed, can you play? we aren't sure what time yet because it's the first game of the tournament, but I will find out tomorrow. Let me know if you can play or not.
Congrats again on first place!

Nate and Jacque Holt

By the way, we play at 8:15 on wed at the wash city rec center. Be there 15 min early if possible. Thanks!! let me know if you can go.
I tried calling and texting, but there must be something wrong with my phone, it's not going through.


Did you win anything?