Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sugar sugar, honey honey


What is it about seasonal candy that is so irresistible?   There I was breezing through Wal-Mart with three kids and a cart full of groceries.  We were groovin’ right along.  The children were right on my sides and obeying quite well, the ‘no unplanned stopping' rule.   Emma was dutifully announcing the next thing on the list when everything stopped.  There were practically skid marks on the floor from my cart.    And a loud gasp.  What could have caused such a distraction?  It must be something important.   or good.  Yes it’s very good.  It was the shimmer of the silver foil and red stripes of  candy cane kisses.   No rational thoughts entered my mind.  Nothing like, “Sara, you are trying not to eat sugar, remember? or Sara, you have a triathlon on Saturday.  Do you really want that in you?  or Sara, you have not been feeling good, maybe white chocolate isn’t going to help you get better.”  No, just a loud, “Yes!” and in they went. 

I am such a sucker for  candy that I can only get during certain times of the year.  Well done candy maker marketers.  This is one girl who will eat her candy corn and think of pumpkins,  savor candy cane kisses while wrapping presents, and enjoy Springtime with Cadbury eggs. 



Mmmmm! White chocolate and peppermint is a kickin' combination. I need to head to my Wal-mart.

Krista Jones

MMMMMM! I couldn't agree more!


Oh, I'm with you. They get me every time. The little cadbury eggs at easter are the most dangerous of all. I love those things.

Are you feeling better yet? I hope you guys can make it tommorow.

Nate and Jacque Holt

those candy cane kisses are my FAV.