Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, I have been sick lately, and my brain has been so fuzzy - really up in the clouds. My mom says it's my blonde hair. (I've been getting that wrap my whole life - mostly from family) Anyway, it seems like one dumb thing after another. This one was a big one.

I was vacuuming the car out at the car wash. I took Abigail with me, and she was playing in the front seat pretending to drive. The car was on because it was at least 100 degrees. She was messing with too many buttons and windshield wipers so I turned the car off. A few hot minutes later, I strapped her in the car seat and went to get in myself. But I couldn't. locked. oh crap. Abigail had locked the doors when she was playing, and the keys were in the ignition, dangling ever so hopelessly out of reach. After frantically checking every door, I ran to the office. The car wash guys already thought I was stupid because when I was going through the wash, I couldn't figure out why I was going so fast. It turns out all the yelling I couldn't understand was "PUT IT IN NEUTRAL!"

Seriously, I have been really sick.

Anyway, I called my Dad, but he couldn't find my keys, so I called the police. I stayed on the line, and gave the operator updates on what Abigail was doing. She wasn't crying, but was really sweaty. They called an ambulance, but the police man got there really fast, and got her out very quickly. So we called off the ambulance. He did a great job. I'm going to have to write a thank you note. It felt so good to hold my sweaty little baby.

I went inside to give the guys their phone back and get Abigail a drink. I had turned the car on when I got her out to cool it down. I strapped her back in and shut the door. CRAP!

The keys were STILL in the car!!! I freaked out for a good 10 seconds. At least the air conditioning was on this time. I walked around and pulled open my door. Oh yeah, I unlocked the car when I got her out. Phew.



Scary! I've almost done that a few times. I'm glad the officer was able to rescue her so quickly. I can totally relate with your blonde moments though.


Wow! Scary!!! You were sure blessed to have the cop get there so quickly. Glad everything worked out! :)

Krista Jones

Sara! It's so great to be following your blog! This story struck home for me... cuz I did it to Abby! A friend was helping me load stuff in the car in the middle of July in St George... HOT HOT HOT!! I started the car (and the air, thank goodness)and closed the door, then I strapped Abby in and closed her door. I went to open mine and...locked out! Abby was screaming in the back seat because the car was so hot! My first instinct was to look for a big rock. I found one and went to break my window when my friend stopped me and told me to calm down... the air was on and the car would cool down in a second, and the locksmith was only up the street. She was right. After 3 minutes, Abby was cooler in there than we were outside, and the locksmith got her out in a jiffy. Whew! Don't feel bad... I think EVERY mom has a story like that!!


This is so scary! I'm so glad you were able to get her out. I hope you're feeling better, and if not, maybe you'd better stay home. (: