Friday, August 21, 2009

My Tree of Wonder

A little while ago, I was running in the desert. I was looking for a trail Mark and I could take our bikes back from riding the first half of the loop. Anyway, it was about 1:30 in the afternoon. I didn't take water because I didn't think I'd be gone very long. Well, I was on a trail and I just had to see where it went, so I kept going and going. I was in the middle of the desert, and I came to a lone, big tree. It was perfectly round like one of those LEGO trees. It may have been because I was dehydrated, but I thought it was amazing. Next to it, was a really big rock that looked like an upside down triangle. It looked as though it would fall over if I tried to climb on top of it. It was a very cool site.

Two weekends ago, my mom hosted a granddaughter getaway. I took all the girls on a hike to my tree. It was a really fun hike, and the kids loved climbing all over the rocks of course. I was just glad that it really existed.

Here, see for yourself

The pictures look a little wierd because I had the camera on the wrong setting

We had a great view

I LOVE the tennis shoes

We found a really cool tortoise

Abigail, making friends

and building stuff

Here's everyone except me, the photographer