Friday, March 6, 2009

Party of Five

I usually don't write random posts like this. Our lack of an unbroken camera makes the blogs of us going swimming, the park, the cute little things the kids do during the day seem not very interesting, so beware, here comes some thoughts.

I've always wanted a big family. ALWAYS. I have never considered having less than five kids. (Granted, when Mark and I got married, we were thinking 8, and with each child we have, the number of children we want drops)

I've always known that this matter is a good one to have Heavenly Father's approval on, but I like to have my own plan too. My baby is almost 18 months old. It's hard to believe, so much so that I have counted the months on my fingers like 5 times. Soon I will be able to go to church, and actually go to church. This milestone also begs the question, when should we have our next child? After much thought, I am surprised and satisfied to tell you - now is not the time. And for the first time, the thought has entered my brain that I may have just three children. I don't think so, but the thought was there. And it was okay with me. At least for now, I think it's best for our family to just stay the way we are. So until I become a better person - more patient and able to give my family the attention they deserve - we'll be a happy family of five. And that actually makes me happy.



Cool! Thanx for sharing!!! And Church will be WONDERFUL when Nursery begins! YEA for Nursery!

(unless that time comes, and then you're put in a new calling... that's my lot in life! haha)


Very sweet. You will know when your time is right! As for being a better mom, you are fantastic mother and give yourself more credit for your daily acts of love and service. :)