Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where are the posts?

I don't write posts because I have pictures to go with them.

Sound confusing? There are five working computers at our house. Five. Not one of them will allow me to stick my memory card in, edit my pictures and post them onto my blog. Not one. two don't have memory card slots, one won't connect to the internet. Gunnar's is occupied 24/7, but now that I think about it, His is probably my best option. Anyway. It is annoying. So I am just going to post things that I want and put the pictures in when I can. There's only like 5 people that read this blog anyway, so I don't think anyone is going to be crying. So, this post I have been waiting forever to post because I have the cutest picture of Abigail asleep in our bike trailer and Abiagail and Gabe in the bike trailer. Maybe someday they will be here. For now, here is the joy I have for my bike trailer. I love my bike, but I was having a hard time using it as much as I'd like due to little ones. So... as you can guess, I got a bike trailer. ANd I love it. Gabe and Abigail and I ride down to the park to feed the ducks or explore different parks. Today, I tood Gabe to his class at the nature center on my bike and then went for a ride with Abigail and an hour later picked up Gabe, and rode home.

I feel like I have so much freedom with the trailer. I can go anywhere, and I don't have to depend on a car. It doesn't make a lot of sense because my car(actually van) is very dependable. But what if there's no gas someday, or I don't know. But I love knowing I can get where I want to go. And it's fun! Yea for the trailer! And yea that I finally wrote about it.



Don't you have a USB that will connect to your camera? Because our computer doesnt' have a slot for a memory card, but both of my cameras have a USB hook up.