Friday, March 6, 2009

Outings and Happenings

Living at my parents has actually many advantages. One: many people stay here, and leave stuff behind. You might think this to be a nuisance, unless it is stuff that is actually useful. Like . . . a camera. Yes, I found a camera my brother left here - his loss, my gain. So here comes some outings we've had lately.

We've gone swimming a couple times now at the SHAC as we call it. We've loved it. There has been no one there. The first time, I had to BEG my kids to go down the water slide. This time, they were going down all by themselves and Mark or I would catch them at the bottom. Totally against the rules, but there was a lifeguard watching us and he never said anything. We didn't let Abigail go down by herself, but we set her on our laps and she loved it. I wish I took pictures of the kids coming down the slide, but we were too busy catching them and going down ourselves. -Next time.

I love Abigail in this picture. She has started "cheesing" for the camera



Love the cheesy smile! So cute! She's so BIG! I can't believe it! They grow up WAY too fast!! Can't wait to see more pictures!


I saw that first picture and wondered who that little girl was in the pink swim suit. Because it couldn't possibly be Abigail. She's all grown up! I cannot believe it!


Cute pictures. I've been considering taking Frankie there lately. I wonder if I missed my window of no one being there now that it's warming up. Your baby is getting quite big! And that's exciting for you that you get to enjoy your kids for a while and not worry about having another.

Tim and Rachel Seely

Cute pictures Sara. The pool looks like a ton of fun! My family is coming to St. George for a visit so I will have to try out the pool. I think we should all get together and have a girls night...the last one I went to you were the only one with a baby and she was so little. I love your blog, your family is really cute and everyone looks so happy, you are doing a great job!