Friday, August 20, 2010


The other night Gabriel told me he didn’t like to brush and floss his teeth.  I tried to explain how important it is and if we don’t brush our teeth, they will fall out.  He got really excited and said Oh Good!  If my teeth fall out I will get money!!!

oh dear




One of my favorite things is when there is a fairly large mess somewhere in my house  and I get it all picked up, I dust everything, and I’m left with a slightly dirty looking room because there are bits of things in the floor.   You know, like little scraps of paper, bits of popcorn, a crayon tip, some aqua dots.   I can’t help but feel excited to vacuum the floor and transform the room into perfection.  




I got to have a little girl time with some friends last night, and oh how I love it.   I really need to try to be more social.   



I am loving life.  My pace has really picked up since I started real estate.  I feel like I am going going going all the time, but I can’t complain because I have three amazingly amazing kids, and the greatest husband I could ever wish for.    Among a hundred other things.   I am very blessed.

Mom and Dad 8-13-2010 8-24-2



So many fun posts that I hadn't seen. You guys have been busy. I love your kids back to school pictures, and the one of Abigail brushing your teeth made me smile. Especially after seeing all of her awesome facial expressions the other day, I can just picture the ones she made while giving you your cleaning. (:

Congrats on the Real Estate stuff, your picture is so official. I hope it continues to be enjoyable for you.

It was so good to see you the other day. I admire you in so many ways, and I enjoyed basking in your presence, and your beautiful home. We need to get together more often, really.