Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to studies, back to books.

Because the kids have been so excited for school, they’ve made it a little easier on me to send them.  Otherwise, I may have been a little bit of a basket case. first day of school 8-18-2010 7-34-13 AM

It was hard to get a good picture of Abigail when she kept making this faceAbigail face 8-17-2010 7-50-08 AM

We got a couple thoughAbigail's first day 2 8-17-2010 7-49-29 AM

Abigail and Dad 8-17-2010 7-53-15 AM

Some of the kids on the circle getting ready to leave for school.  (This is only about half the kids on the circle)  kids riding bikes 3 8-18-2010 7-38-00 AM

at school 8-18-2010 7-46-01 AM

 first day of kindergarten 8-18-2010 7-47-25 AM

These are odd moments as a parent.  I want my kids to go to school and be happy, which they are, so why does it make me cry?  Why is it so hard to see them grow up and become independent if that’s what I want for them?  I really don’t want them to stay little forever.    I should be really happy – which I am.   Sort-of.   Except for the knot in my chest and the water in my eyes.  

I have a feeling I’m going to experience this emotional conflict  many more times as they get older. :)Gabe in line 8-18-2010 8-03-48 AM

away they go 8-18-2010 7-39-21 AM

I’m going to miss you budGabe 8-18-2010 7-47-18 AM



So hard to watch those little ones grow up. They are awfully cute. Still can't get over all the kids in your neighborhood.