Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our beautifully planned vacation started off on the wrong foot when we decided to not go to lake Arrowhead (our favorite place) because –even though we LOVE it, we love it so much less if there is no boat.   And there was no boat.  So we skipped that and left on Wednesday for Long Beach to visit the beloved Grandparents.  

We took Gunnar (little bro.) and Ellie (big niece) –not big, just the oldest.   I thought Gunnar could use a vacation and we brought Ellie to hang out with Gunnar incase we wanted to ditch him. :)

Wednesday was a nice day hanging out in the pool.  Gunnar, Ellie and I did some shopping, and then we were tired (because we left St. George at 7 am sharp)  so we crashed.

Thursday, we left Gunnar (because he had to work, work, work) and fed the bunnies – which was not nearly as exciting as last time because there wasn’t very many.  Then we fed the ducks.  This was fun because we got to watch Ellie get chased by a really big goose.  She screamed and ran to the car, and we all laughed a lot.  Ellie running

Then we headed to the beach.  I thought it was quite chilly and didn’t get in the water like everyone else, and then regretted it later. (we don’t get to go to the ocean everyday after all.) 

markAbigail digging

(Abigail would not look at me for pictures, so this is how they all looked of her) 

Ellie at beach 

After the beach we did more swimming in the pool.  And then, after putting the kids to sleep, Gunnar, Mark, Ellie and I went to see The Karate Kid.   I liked it.  I want to take Emma, because she really loves Karate.  She wants to learn Karate so bad, but I said no, because I think there are lots of better activities she could do before Karate. 

Friday we spent the day at Knott’s Berry Farm.  It was really crowded with middle school field trips, and waiting in line was not fun.  But the rides were so fun that it was worth waiting in line.  It was an exhausting day though.   We stayed until it closed and headed to San Diego.  We got there very late, and sweet Amy had all our beds ready.   Thanks again Amy!  Everyone was asleep before their heads hit their pillows.   Mark and I were very much dreading having to wake up at 5:00  to go to the Mud Run. 

5:00 came very fast.  Once I was up and dressed, and on our way, I was excited.  The crowd at Camp Pendleton was big and energizing.  I’ll write a detailed post about the Mud Run, but I am so glad we went because I had SO much fun!  It was my favorite part of the vacation.

Mud Run 6-19-2010 12-00-29 PM 1884x1256

We went back to Spencer and Amy’s to get the kids, Gunnar, and Ellie.   The kids didn’t want to leave but we made them get in the car so we could go to the beach one more time, and head back up to Long Beach.  After the beach, we swam some more, and tried to watch the old Karate Kid, but everyone fell asleep before it was over.  Most of us within 10 min. of the start.  We had been playing hard.  Emma at beach 6-19-2010 5-22-17 PM 3698x3015

Gabe at beachGunnar 2Sunday we celebrated father’s day as we got ready for church, and then headed home.  We loved visiting family. That’s usually the best part of our trips to California.  It was so good to see Grandma and Grandpa, Joel, Spencer, Amy, Karl, Rachel, and kids.  Emma had big tears in her eyes as we left Grandma at church.  She said, “I’m going to miss her so much again.” 


Mom and Dad

Please tell Emma I miss her too. What FUN it was having you here with Gunnar and Ellie. I sure love those beautiful grandchildren!


Ditto! We realized we should've convinced you to go to the beach here with us cuz we have a bunch of wetsuits! O well, keeps you coming back. See you soon!