Saturday, June 12, 2010

One of a Kind Girl.

Emma 5-23-2010 3-08-15 PM 4752x3168

Emma is such a special girl.   She has been pleasantly surprising me from the time the doctor told me I was having a girl.  Like how I was expecting a bald, kind-of weird looking baby (because that’s what I looked like) and she came out with a full head of dark hair and just as beautiful as can be.   Family at Christmas 2003Emma baby

Or how I was so worried she wouldn’t get along with her brother, and she loves him so sweetly.

emma and gabe   

Emma and gabe - march 2009

She is sensitive, in a good way.  She really hates yelling, teasing, and people acting stupid (like I do sometimes because I think it’s funny).   She is thoughtful. From a very young age  she would really think about things she didn’t understand.  She loves to learn, and find out new things.  One thing she said she wanted to do this summer is find out how a TV works.  And she wants to learn Spanish.  She is responsible, sometimes more than I am.  She brushes, flosses, and uses mouthwash two times a day.  I don’t even tell her to do this.  She reminds me to put my seatbelt on, and what the speed limit is   One time she refused a brownie because she said she was full and didn’t want to get a tummy ache.  I have yet to learn this logic.   If she’s sick, she’ll ask for vegetables so she can get better.  If I’m sick, she’ll bring me drinks and a blanket.  She’ll read to me if I want.  She is a great caregiver. 

Emma pretty much loves anything.  Dance, gymnastics, basketball, choir, cheerleading, science, reading, softball, etc.    She is patient and tenderhearted.  I learn a lot from her.  She is a joy. 


Emma LOVED her first grade teacher, Mrs. Webb.   LOVED HER.   Because of that I loved Mrs. Webb too.  She was amazing.  Hooray for great teachers!

Emma and teacher 5-27-2010 11-20-46 AM 4752x3168

She received the radiant roadrunner award at school.  Emma's award

She’s been playing softball this spring and loves it.Emma softball 5-25-2010 5-40-26 PM 2816x1942Emma softball hitting 5-25-2010 5-40-32 PM 4752x3168

She loves to ride her bike to school.

Emma's bike 5-19-2010 7-44-02 AM 3420x3149

She makes friends easily.  She is the very youngest in her class and found out this year she is the smallest. 

Emma's friends 5-27-2010 11-22-38 AM 4752x3168Emma's silly friens 

She is just a good girl.   She reads her scriptures and tries so hard to be good.  She makes Mark and I look good as parents.  In fact, I thought parenting was pretty simple before I had Gabriel.  And I realized I just had a really good kid.

Emma swimming 5-31-2010 2-28-34 PM 3985x2795


Oh, Emma loves to wrestle.  I’m trying to think of something she doesn’t love.   *thinking…..     she does not like the dark.  That’s all I got. big hugs for dad 5-23-2010 3-08-55 PM 4752x3168

      She is seriously the best sister Abigail and Gabe could have asked for. kids reading 5-30-2010 4-30-25 PM 4752x3168Emma cute 5-25-2010 5-42-53 PM 4752x3168

We love her so much!!!


Mom and Dad

WE love her too! I want to add a 'ditto' to all those nice things. She is thoughtful, loving and has quite a sober demeanor, causing me to think of what Mormon said about himself as a child. How blessed we are to have Emma as our grand daughter!


We can't wait to have that special girl come play with us! See you guys soon!


So sweet! Love this post!

(and I totally hear you about the "I'm a great parent" thing... then I was humbled with my Karlee. JJ's just a good kid, and it had NOTHING to do with me! haha)