Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dirty Fun

We didn’t want to bring our camera anywhere near the mud run.  It is new and wonderful after all.  I couldn’t stand to see mud on it. So unfortunately we don’t have a lot of pics.  Next year, I will bring a disposable water proof one with me and snap pictures the whole way.  

In this picture we are not even very dirty because we already got washed off in the lake. Lame, I know. Mud Run 6-19-2010 12-00-29 PM 1884x1256

As I said, we got to Camp Pendleton early and waited for about 3 hours to race.  But the crowd was fun and we were with friends so the time went by fast.  Tom and Krista Jones, and Krista’s sister, Lindsay raced on our team. 

The run was 6.5 miles.  We went through rivers, up some very steep hills, swam across a lake,  sloshed through mud pits, climbed over walls, and crawled through tunnels.  All while being yelled at by Marines (mostly encouragingly).

It was awesome!

The hills were hard. 

Running with soaking wet shoes filled with sand was hard.

It’s difficult to explain why it was so fun to those of you who hate to run.  Like any race, it’s fun because I get to compete.  I get to push myself  really hard.  I don’t get to do that often and it just feels goooood. 

The mud run is so much better than the average race because you get to do stuff that you dreamed of when you were a kid.  I say dreamed because my mom NEVER actually let me play in mud. 

“It’s where a military boot camp meets your inner five-year-old’s fantasy” 

After the run we were all pumped to do another race.  Tom, Krista, Mark and I all committed and are excited to do the Kokopelli triathlon in September.   Although I want to do well in the tri, my big race goal this year is to do the St. George marathon.  I’ve studied and came up with a training schedule that should help me with both races.  So as Mark and  I go into more intense training, I plan on writing about my goals and things here.  Because it helps me stay motivated and keeps me accountable.  So, thanks for that.  And get ready for some fun!

PS. If this post makes you want to make a mud pit in your backyard and roll around it it, consider doing the dirty dash  It’s in Utah this September!



That sounds so fun, except for the running, sweating, exhausting part. Really when I saw the title of your post I thought you were going to describe something more illicit. =) Miss you guys. Come do your next tri in Texas!

Mark Ward

Get your mind out of the gutter Lindsay! he he. I came up with the post title.