Sunday, January 10, 2010

winter wonderland

Uncle Brian showing everyone a good time, as usual.Fun on a Sled

It’s no secret I love playing in the snow.  Mostly snowboarding, but sledding is pretty good too.  I may have passed this excitement on because  for some reason, Gabriel was so excited to go sledding in Idaho.  We got to the cabin at about 8:00 at night, and as soon as we announced we were here, Gabe yelled, “Can we go sledding now?”  Mark and I laughed and said, “Gabe, look at it outside.  It is pitch black.  Do you really want to go sledding now?”  and he yelled, “Yeah!” 

  I went sledding three times while we were there and it was fun.  Although Gabriel and Emma didn’t have as much fun as me.  Even Abigail wasn’t a huge fan.  Gabe enjoyed it for a little while until he got cold and would go wait in the car.   Emma sat around for a while until I forced her to go down and then she slowly warmed up to it and was enjoying it by the end.  

Abigail insisted on carrying her own sled up the hill.Abigail drags her sled 4

mark sleddingMark’s idea of sledding.  I like it. :)Mark sledding 2

Emma was not excited to go down.  But that’s how they learn to have fun. You make them.Sara and EmmaShelbey 2 sledding 5  Shelby, Riley, Aaron (above)   Kayla and Kenzi (below)Kayla 2Makenzie riley sledding 2      Riley and Brian were crazy.Brian sledding

hannah and Dave SleddingHannah sledding 4

Dave and Hannah


Chris was in charge of Shelby one sledding trip, and they had fun cruising down the hill.Chris Shelbey

       Sara and Abigail 2

Ahhh Snow.  I love to play in it.  Hate to live in it. 



Great pictures! Looks like lots of fun.


Fun posts and beautiful pictures. I want to know what kind of camera you're using.

Christmases in the mountains are wonderful. They were my favorite as a kid. I totally agree with you about not living in the snow. Hooray for just visiting it.