Friday, January 8, 2010


The kids in their Christmas Eve Jammies.Christmas KIDS

Christmas was so fun this year.  We spent it at our family lodge in Victor Idaho.  The lodge is 2 stories,  with a big open sleeping area on the second floor.    There were 11 adults and 12 kids.    The kids had a blast running around with their cousins.  There are four holes in the floor of the upstairs, to let heat up and those holes entertained them for such a long time.  looking through the floorWe went sledding a few times and spent a lot of time playing in the snow.  We’d usually play some games in the evening when the kids went to bed, and then I’d stay up watching a movie after the first round of adults went to bed.   I was a wee bit tired, but held myself together fine.  It was a very relaxing trip with nice lazy days.

Cute Cousins

 ShelbeeHannah dress  Emma and kayla 2Hailey pillow

The womenfolk hot-gluing gingerbread houses for us to decorate.  gingerbread houses


GunnarBrian 3 

The BachelorsChris

We decided to just do stockings this year, but with our humongous stocking, and they were all overflowing, we had plenty to open.

stocking gabe

If you can tell, this is Gabe dragging his stocking.  


The kids got one present under the tree.  My kids all got roller skates which were a huge hit. They skated all over the lodge which was a great setting for learning.  Gabe skatesGrandpa bow     Nana present

Abigail was the last one wake up Christmas morning. Abigail Christmas morning

   We finally woke her up        Sara and Abigail christmas morning

But she spent most of the morning cuddling with Dad.    Mark and Abigail HOT

Overall, it was an awesome Christmas.  There is something special about the lodge and being in close quarters all together.   There’s fewer distractions and it’s just rustic and cozy.  I love the lodge and I hope we don’t wait too long before we have Christmas there again.    But what really made Christmas great was the family. I am so blessed to belong to a wonderful family who loves each other, and can share two bathrooms together for 5 days.   :)