Friday, January 29, 2010


       I decided to take a break from my busyness to write about my busyness.  We are supposed to close on our house soon. (Feb. 1)  But there is a problem with the title of the home and the title company is trying to resolve it.  So for now, the closing is up in the air.  I have hopes it will get worked out soon - because that’s about all I can do.  There have been so many more requirements and documents needed this time around, I have been printing, scanning, faxing, signing, emailing, running to the bank, and running to the broker a lot.  I am kind-of sick of that.  When I am not cleaning, cooking, teaching Gabe how to read, playing with Abigail, running Emma to school, dance, or basketball, helping out in Gabe’s class, doing projects for our family reunion in July etc etc…….  I am studying for my real estate test.  I hope to take it in two weeks!  Yea!   I’m excited to start my real estate career.  I have been really enjoying studying for the test.  I just wish I had a little more time to do it.  I’m trying to stop wishing for things that are out of my control, but I still have such a strong desire to be a person who doesn’t need to sleep.  Oh, the thought of the things I could  get done!

This was Emma’s school picture this year.  She had on a really cute sweater with buttons, but Emma thinks sweaters are to be worn like coats and she took it off.  But she’s cute anyway.scan0002

I switched Emma over to her new school already because she was not enjoying her class at Arrowhead.   I am happy to say that her teacher is great and she loves her new school!  Happy Day! I just have to drive her every day until we move and then she can walk.  She has been enjoying basketball, ballet, and gymnastics.  She is still a little smarty pants.  Mark and I have been teaching her multiplication and she’s got it down pretty good.  Emma bballEmma bball2

Gabe puzzle 013Gabriel has been doing puzzles like crazy.  He does puzzles every day.  They range from 24 to 150 pieces.  He loves it.  Today, I asked him if I could do the border, and he said, “um, no thanks.” He also enjoys preschool, and he is learning to read.  He is doing great, and is reading simple books on his own.  He still has a hard time eating anything different or nutritious, but he is healthy and happy (unless we try to get him to eat something he doesn’t want to. Then he is very sad.)  He is my good listener, and has been such a great helper lately.  Gabe also has been playing basketball and is a great dribbler! Emma and gabe bball

Abigail watch

Abigail is our crazy girl.  She is talking much better now.  Sometimes when she’s upset, she starts talking fast and whinny, and it sounds like words, but is totally incoherent.  It’s so funny.  She loves to dress up and is seen in a princess dress quite a lot.  I let her go out in public in her dresses because she likes it, and I don’t want to fight her to take it off and it’s cute.  It is one of those things I never let Emma do, but I have no idea why because now it seems perfectly fine.  I hope my parenting is not getting too lazy. She hangs out with me all day, and loves to copy whatever I’m doing or saying.   She is generally in a good mood, and can always make me smile with one of her big smiles, which she gives often.  She is a sweetheart and growing up so fast.  Mark and I just love her to death. Abigail cute

Abigail cute 2That’s pretty much what I am up to.  I feel like I am going going going all day.  It’s so hard to do everything I want to without feeling like I’ve neglected something else.  But I just keep trying.



Your kids are precious! I love that last picture of Abigail with the beanie. Too cute! Hope all goes well with your new house and you get settled soon.

Mom and Dad

Really enjoyed your post, Sara. Good job on the cute pictures of adorable grand children. And they are brilliant too.
I'm excited for you to get your home and can't believe all the hoops they are making you jump through. They are sure being tight fisted with all that money Obama gave them. OUR TAX MONEY! I love you, Sara. Hang in there. sjpw


Ooh! I loved this post!! Love the pictures, love the updates! It's great!!!

You're a great mom! Don't be too hard on yourself!!

And good luck with the house!

Krista Jones

Sara, your kids are so stinkin' cute! And you are the greatest mom EVER! I've always had such an admiration for you and how great you are with your kids!

If only we didn't have to sleep! I tried that for a while... You get soooo much done and feel so on top of things... until 6 am hits and you hear the pitter-patter of little feet. All I can say is thank goodness for Dora!!

Mom and Dad

We look for your blog most days; always excited to read your comments and view beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing and training us to be more involved with all our families. Wish you the best of everything, John and Sondra