Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Big Day

My training since my last post has been pretty non-existent. I tried really hard to get over my sickness. I rested a lot, which I actually don't like very much. I even took naps. Nothing was helping. I decided to just go and do the best I could and have fun.

The morning of the triathlon, I had a bad headache, but my throat was a lot improved. I felt great otherwise. I felt excited, and energized. The weather was fantastic, just a fabulous day to race.

The swim was great. I was worried about lining up in the wrong spot and either being stuck behind slow swimmers or having everyone pass me. I had to pass one person, which is good.

The bike was going pretty good. I was tired, but a good tired. I had to tell myself, "smooth, even strokes. Faster. " It was an improvement from last time for sure. Then TRAGEDY. There was not a lot of people around, and I wasn't paying attention where I was going. I was just following the biker in front of me. Well, I caught up to that biker, and they were not in the race, just someone riding their bike. I looked around at realized I was not on the course. I yelled, "NOOO!!!" The guy jumped. I kept yelling, "No, no, no!." After about6 or seven blocks, I was able to get back to the course, but I wanted to cry. I needed all the extra help I could get on the bike, and then to get lost. It was so sad. I kept going though, and I am proud to say no one passed me after that.

The run was also an improvement. I felt like I was able to run pretty fast. I had to tie my shoes twice, which brought back memories from basketball. I think it was Shelbee's mom who said she was going to bring duct tape for my shoes to the games. :)

It was a very enjoyable experience. I loved it! I feel like I pushed myself good, and had fun. (except for getting lost)

They originally posted my time as 1:13. I was pretty pleased with that, but online it is listed as 1:19. I'm not sure why the big difference. I found out last year the times were off a little, and I am not really trusting them this time. I think next time I'll bring a stop watch, just to be sure. Anyway, it's an okay time. There were 700 racers, and I got 69th place overall, and 10th in my division. I wish I didn't get lost, I'd have loved to see my time. Getting lost really crushed my spirits. But there will be more triathlons I am really motivated to keep training. There is so much to learn and improve on. So thanks for bearing with the training posts. It has been kind-of fun to write about it. :)



Great job Sara!


Way to go! That's awesome that you still stuck with it even after you got lost, and you finished! What an accomplishment overall.


Good work! I'm so sorry you got lost. That would have been super frustrating. I can just imagine you yelling "no, no!" while the person you had been following looked at you in confusion. (I hope it's sort of funny in retrospect. It's something I would do too, if I were ever to ride in a triatholon, which I won't, but yeah.)

And the training posts have been fun. No one can complain about not looking as good as you do when they read how much you work out. (:


Great job, Sara!! But so sorry about the bike ride, although I think it'll be funny in the future (I kinda laughed as I read it; that poor guy!). Anyway, you should be proud of yourself, racing while still not feeling well!! You did great!