Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gabrielson Family Reunion

I have a few pictures others took, but none of my own. I was having way too much fun to get my camera.

Highlights (and lowlights) of the Gabrielson Family Reunion (from my perspective), and in no particular order.

- Chris taking a bite of pie with a huge nasty Caterpillar in his whipped cream.

- Getting to see aunt Carol - a rarity

- Aunt Carol decides to try running in the "Olympics" only to pull a hamstring after 3 steps.

- Staying up until 4:30 am talking with brothers and sisters, and finding out all the horrible things we did as kids.

- Brian's amazing flipper running skills

- Chris losing his hearing from a balloon JJ popped

- Laura(Gunnar's girlfriend) meets the family, and Aaron makes the entire room uncomfortable with his "try a different brother" bit. Unknown to us, she already asked out Brian 2 months ago.

-Guitar Hero

- Swimming in warm St. George weather pretty much whenever I wanted

- The best of The Colbert Report

- Sand Volleyball

- Lisa scaring all bystanders at a park by screaming her lungs out, as she is trapped by JJ and Brian in a spinny thing.

- Watching many of the adults spend hours doing the kids crafts - well, mostly Mark did this.

- Watching JJ as a parent. It is so neat to see him as such a attentive and fun dad.

- Playing Boogieman for the first time with my kids. It was so fun, and weird. One of those, "oh, I'm a grown up now" moments

- Gunnar's sprint into a concrete wall head first while playing boogieman.

- The good food - mostly prepared by Mom and Jen.

I'm sure there are many other things that I've already forgotten. The best thing was being able to spend time with everyone. We all have our own very busy lives, and it was so enjoyable to talk, laugh, and play with each other. I am blessed to be part of such a smart, fun, and real family. It was a very relaxing, and relatively peaceful vacation/reunion.


Infidel Castro

How many times to I have to say it - I was just "helping" the kids with the crafts.