Thursday, July 22, 2010

I’m a big kid now

A couple weeks ago I was telling my brother-in-law a story about my family reunion.  I told him about a ‘dare game’ that was played which resulted in some pretty freaky stuff.   I said, “some of the adults were a little mad.”   He laughed and asked me if I didn’t think I was an adult.   Just to prove it, he asked ……..the question. How old am I?  27  I laughed too and pretended that I wasn’t shocked to realize that I was an adult.  Not just a young barely able to drink adult.  A REAL, full blown, almost 30 adult.  When I was my cousins’ age, who I hung around with at reunion thinking I was the same as them,  I remember thinking of people my age who were married with three kids as old and responsible

So my bubble has been burst.  I’m like an alcoholic who finally realizes and admits they’re an alcoholic.   My name is Sara Ward, and I’m a real adult.   I should probably start acting like one.

An alcoholic’s family and friends probably think it’s stupid they are finally admitting it because they’ve seen it so clearly for years.  That is what this may seem to you.  But I am serious that I have been walking around for two weeks in awe that I’m not young as I’d perceived.  It’s been a real epiphany.  (Thanks Spencer)

I have kids now who will remember things.  So it’s probably a good time to put my childish ways behind me.  No more eating candy until it comes out my eyes, no more staying up late playing Mario Kart, and no more cereal for dinner.  I love cereal.  Here’s to my new, old self. 


Mark Ward

I'm glad to know there's at least one adult in our family now.


Lol. You guys are fun. You are as old as you act, so don't worry about putting away the fun parts of childhood. : )

Krista Jones

LOL! I had that realization too!! Last year, right around the time of my 10 year reunion. Am I really THAT old?! I still feel 17. Then I thought, "Will I still feel 17 when I'm 37? 47?...77???" That opened up a whole big bag of worms. I say we enter a ton of triathlons and live like we never realized we're "old" :)