Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Friday

So I want to write a post, but I have nothing to write about. I could write about Gabriel graduating from preschool, or something about my political experiences of late, perhaps the weather that is so beautiful. Mark and I have a great new calling teaching Sunday school to 15 year olds. They are such a nice, quiet bunch.


I was at the 'What Women Want' show helping my friend Krista with her gorgeous bows. I was walking around shopping and sampling. A girl asked me if I wanted to try her lash extender, I said, "sure", She worked her magic, and my eyelash looked great. I waited for her to do the other side, and finally asked her. "Sorry," she said, "you have to buy my $35 stuff to stop looking like a freak with lopsided eyelashes." Nice.


I miss my old ward. Not to say my new ward/neighborhood isn't great, but I miss my old one. I miss the outings, the mother's lunches, the immediate friendships, and most of all, the basketball. Oh how I miss the basketball. In a purely basketball sense, I will look back at my time in Jordan Willows and remember how I had it great for a while.


I asked Abiagil what she wants for her birthday, and she said, "spider"
"A spider?" I asked
"Big Spider." she said
"uhh, like in a cage?" I said trying to act like this was a perfectly normal conversation.
"yeah, love spider."

great. I have a 2 year old girl who apparently loves spiders. I will have to dedicate a whole post to this subject, but I can say this, there is seriously no way I am going to buy a spider for my little girl. no way.



Love the new look! It's so cute!!! Love the updates.

And I understand the "missing" you talked about. Missing for a previous life that will never be yours for the taking again. Ah... the memories... Sometimes painful. Sometimes good. But never ours to experience again. Life is funny, isn't it?!

We passed through St. George yesterday and thought about you guys. We said HI as we drove through! Miss you!


Funny how you have a whole page of nothing to say. =) Love the updates!