Thursday, April 22, 2010

Give me 5!

Gabe turned five during the moving craziness.   I have never spent less time planning for a party.  It was amazing.  and wonderful.  I am still marveling at all the time saved. 

We decorated our empty living room with streamers and a sign (it’s become a family tradition). 

At Gabe’s school,  he got walk around the sun with the earth 5 times to represent 5 years.  gabe's birthday school 3-22-2010 10-23-43 AM 4752x3168And of course pass out treats. Gabe's birthday school2 3-22-2010 10-32-47 AM 3017x3082

We had a party a Nana’s where we did presents and cake.  Earlier that day I went to the store and let Gabe pick out his own cake.  It was Pirates of the Caribbean if you can’t tell. Gabe's birthday party 3-22-2010 5-03-14 PM 4752x3168While Gabe was at school, I got him his present.  A new bike!    Gabe’s guest was his cousin Dane.  We all love Dane because he’s so funny. Gabe's birthday party2 3-22-2010 5-23-58 PM 4752x3168Then we headed to Jump on It, and had a BLAST.  We love Jump on It, including Mark and I.   We run all over the place, and I usually am just dripping with sweat by the time we leave. Gabe's birthday jump 3-22-2010 6-09-51 PM 2042x2260 gabe's birthday jump2 3-22-2010 6-09-51 PM 2428x2830I was capturing the kids in my dungeon.  It was fun.  gabe's birthday wrestling 3-22-2010 6-17-20 PM 2533x2087Gabe's birthday jump3 3-22-2010 6-17-24 PM 3053x2683 gabe's birthday jump4 3-22-2010 6-17-34 PM 2698x2419   It was a pretty fun birthday!  I’m so glad Gabe has made it to five.   Gabe can be such a refreshing joy.  I’m so glad I have my little guy to snuggle with and play video games with. This birthday seemed big to me because he’s no longer a toddler.  He’s a kid now.  A boy.   Happy Birthday Dude!